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Avantor’s suite of Software Solutions approaches lab management holistically, tracking the big picture and the details simultaneously. Our software suite provides scalable, data-driven solutions that help you manage your lab more efficiently and allow your scientists to spend more time on their real work: science.

Transparency is key

Great scientific discoveries don’t happen in isolation. Each step, from research to delivery, connects to the next—or even multiple next steps—until the idea becomes the reality of a product ready for market.

But the process is only effective if you can see it, know what each step was, and can duplicate the path when you have the desired result. You need transparency.

Avantor’s experts at lab management and supply chain processes determined that digitizing outdated, paper-based inventory and lab management practices was key to improving scientific work from discovery to delivery. Our suite of Software Solutions mirrors the scientific journey, documenting and tracking each step of lab and inventory management so that efficient, cost-effective practices can be duplicated.

With this data, lab managers are more effective and scientists spend more time where it’s most valuable—on science. Avantor’s Software Solutions give you the transparency your team needs to succeed in lab management the same way they succeed in science.

Accurate data – where and when you need it

The data is used to re-supply, replenish, visualize, track and report. By seamlessly connecting to and/or your ERP system, our Software Solutions can help optimize your procurement and management practices so you avoid overstocking or understocking.

Compliance is a critical issue for any lab that stores and uses chemicals, equipment and instruments. Our software delivers clear and detailed reporting metrics, ensuring an easily accessible view of valuable information that supports lifecycle management of lab supplies. Each software package provides a turnkey solution to manage your labware and life science supplies—from chemicals and glassware to safety products, lab equipment and instruments.

Because the Software Solutions are cloud based, your team can stay connected and agile. They can share information from anywhere, at any time, whether it’s to collaborate about a Critical Environmental Solutions project or ensure visibility around chemical management.

Your data is not only available 24/7 onsite and remotely—it’s protected, too. We designed our software with built-in redundancies, including connection with Avantor’s disaster recovery plan.

Software solutions – clear, in compliance, efficient

Inventory Manager: clear information

Avantor’s inventory management software provides end-to-end supply chain management, from order to receiving to the point-of-use.

The data-based approach to inventory management provides clear information and insights into spend, storage and use.

Information is available 24/7, at the bench or offsite using mobile devices. The software helps create a lab that is more sustainable with reduced paper use, moving your teams closer to the lab of the future!

  • Over and under stocking—solved!
Chemical Manager: safety and compliance

Chemical Manager, an add-on to Inventory Manager, tracks chemicals at the container level from purchase, to storage, to use. This is key to sound, safe chemical management and supports compliance with the regulations of these carefully monitored products. The data also helps lab managers to manage spend by not overstocking or understocking chemical inventory.

Because this is cloud-based software, your team can determine where any chemical container is at any time, from any location. Avantor’s back-up systems offer full protection of your data, ensuring that you have the information you need and can respond quickly if a crisis occurs.

  • Safer management of chemicals from purchase to use—solved!
Equipment Manager: efficient tracking and document storage

Manage the full lifecycle of your equipment from purchase to de-acquisition with Avantor’s Equipment Manager. Designed to support your asset management procedures, this digital solution puts compliance reports, service information, certificates of calibration and SOPs at your fingertips.

This cloud-based software solution to missing manuals and lost ledgers lets your team plan ahead using data to predict routine maintenance, calibration and service of your lab’s equipment. Plus, your team can stay connected, share information, and respond quickly as a project evolves.

  • Lab equipment maintenance, repairs, calibration and compliance—solved!

Avantor's service solutions– a holistic suite of software and a team of lab management experts

Avantor’s customer-centric approach gives you more than software, though; it gives you 160-years of scientific expertise. Many of our customers choose to work with our onsite professionals who can assess current-state inventory and supply processes and pinpoint opportunities to improve. Then, combining vendor-agnostic procurement with the millions of products available through Avantor's channel brand, VWR, we assist you in optimizing a customized supply chain to ensure you have critical lab and research supplies exactly when and where you need them.

All three software packages—Inventory Manager, Chemical Manager and Equipment Manager—give you clear insight into procurement, use, storage and cost across the entire ecosystem of labs within your company. This ends the frustration and expense of necessary supplies running out at critical stages of a research project, equipment maintenance left unattended, and chemicals expiring. As importantly, it fosters communication and cooperation between scientists in each of your labs.

Imagine improving the efficiency of ordering, stocking, maintaining and resupplying so you can spend more time on vital scientific work.  That’s what Avantor Software Solutions does: optimizes lab operations and returns time to science.

Avantor’s Services Team: lab management experts readily available

At Avantor, we offer more than digital solutions to inventory, chemical and equipment management:

  • Our global support team is available via phone and email
  • Onsite help available when you need it
  • Customer-centric model flexes based on your needs, whether it’s using our digital package or full on-site support
  • Inventory and equipment operations handled end-to-end.
  • Tailored solutions for your lab using our lab associates, processes and technology

Get the transparent information you need about inventory, chemical and equipment management today. Contact us to find out which Software Solution is best for you.

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