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Optimized day-to-day operations in procurement and material management, general, technical, production, and business process consulting services.

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Laboratory & production services | Avantor

Avantor Lab and Production Services is a trusted partner in supporting the innovation and growth objectives of labs across the globe.

Customizable, flexible solutions optimize and manage end-to-end laboratory operations, to serve over 500 customers in biopharma, pharmaceutical, educational, industrial, and high-tech industries. Our teams of Lean Six Sigma-certified Business Process Consultants identify optimal workflows, and expert personnel perform vital yet non-core lab work in general, technical, and production capacities. We return time back to science so you can focus on what you do best - from discovery to delivery.

Streamlining the Path to Discovery

Improving outcomes inspires our process of discovery. The greatest asset in this journey are our labs – the people, processes, and optimized workflows that, together, create life-enhancing realities. Increased lab productivity also serves as a competitive advantage, bringing novel therapies to market sooner and enabling new models of discovery.

An Entire Team Ensuring Results

As scientists ourselves, at Avantor we embrace the holistic pursuit of discovery with flexible, scalable solutions meeting your lab’s exact requirements and growth objectives. Over 1,500 on- and off-site expert personnel perform customized, mission-based lab work and research protocols that help return time back to science.  

Our services focus on optimizing your supply chain and ensuring you have what you need, when and where you need it. Our general lab services manages inventory and supply with our proprietary, cloud-based Inventory Manager and Chemical Manager software. The expertise of our accredited scientific teams streamlines technical lab services, managing samples from intake to storage, media and buffer preparation, and protocol-based research services. 

Continuing this stream of excellence are our teams of Business Process Consultants, Lean Six Sigma-certified science professionals who identify and deploy day-to-day optimization methodologies into any workflow, at any location across the globe.

End-to-end lab and production expertise optimizes your operations, decreases your operating costs, and returns time back to science. Our services:

  • Procurement and material management services
  • General lab services
  • Technical lab services
  • Production services
  • Business process consulting services

Explore lab and production services capabilities


Holistic, on-site lab support services customized to your specific research objectives and workflows.


Accelerating project timelines through workflow optimization. On- and off-site scientists supporting research objectives.


Production material and critical environment management services, and process optimization services aligned to your GMP protocols. On-site teams supporting maximized efficiencies and output.


Maximized supply chain through flexible, customized procurement and material management. On-site, expert personnel managing digital solutions to cohesively optimize inventory.


Trust our experts to help you reduce downstream turnaround times and optimize buffer and chromatography resin selection in biopharma mAbs manufacturing.


Customized, vendor-agnostic process optimization services. Lean Six Sigma-certified consultants ensuring results.

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