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Managing chemical inventory – knowing the location and stock levels of your lab’s chemicals – is a challenging task that, if mishandled, is at best expensive and at worst dangerous.

Avantor’s Chemical Manager is a digital solution that organizes chemical management from procurement to disposal. Our proprietary, cloud-based, software tracks chemicals at the container level and gives you the clear and comprehensive data you need for safe and effective management of inventory. With 360-degree visibility at the enterprise level, and access to data from both browsers and mobile device apps, the information you need is easily accessible when you need it, whether at the bench or offsite.

A comprehensive, vendor-agnostic chemical product registration feature allows you to create a customized product catalog where information from manufacturer name to chemical classification is easily accessible.  Robust reporting options make audits less cumbersome and compliance simpler.  

Efficient and effective, Chemical Manager’s holistic approach to chemical inventory management gives time – for science – back to your team.

Avantor's chemical management software – digitally track your chemicals across multiple locations for a 360° view of your entire chemical inventory

Track your full chemical inventory across multiple locations, manage chemicals from any supplier and simplify analytics with customizable reports. Efficient and effective, Chemical Manager gives time back to your team.

Physical inventory

Where are your chemicals and in what state?

  • Track location at the container level
  • Container status tracking: sealed, open, pending disposal, disposed
  • Update and monitor open-container usage data
  • Traceable for full container lifecycle, from registration to disposal
  • When used with Avantor’s partner software, Inventory Manager, customized, on-demand replenishment of your lab’s chemicals is simple
Product catalog

Information about your full chemical inventory at a glance, including:

  • Chemical date and class
  • HMIS/GHS classifications; the hazardous materials identification system describes the class of hazard, including health, physical and environmental
  • Manufacturer name, material name, chemical formula
  • Capture the lot and expiration date of incoming chemicals
  • Assign the owner, location and status of each chemical
Activity log

Update the location, owner and status of chemical containers for the full lifecycle of your chemical inventory so your team will:

  • Know what chemicals you have on hand and where each container is located
  • Anticipate re-stocking needs by tracking chemical usage
  • Have storage and location data to support prevention of potentially hazardous situations
  • Manage spend with information on lab and project level usage
Report management

The flexibility you need to manage your chemicals day-to-day, minimize waste and manage spend

  • Suite of reports with customized reporting modes – scheduled or on demand
  • A total chemical management solution, including end-to-end tracking and container-level visibility of onsite and offsite chemicals
  • Real-time visibility
  • Lab location or research unit-specific data on consumption, replenishment, product expiration dates, and repeat buys

Avantor's Chemical Manager – ease of use and automation of time-consuming tasks moves science forward

Chemical Manager’s cloud-based functionality, accessible from both browsers and mobile devices, automates tasks, streamlines insights and personalizes the user experience with:

  • Customizable dashboard and widgets
  • Individual notifications and messages
  • Multi-lingual capability
  • Desktop and mobile app (Android and iOS)
  • Enterprise-level information onsite and offsite, when you need it
  • Offline optional application allows for quick scans of your chemical locations and containers using the most advanced scanners
  • Digitized documentation that can be accessed easily

Avantor's chemical management services – more than just digital chemical inventory management

Chemical management solutions from Avantor Services provide the personnel, process, technology and expertise to fully manage chemical inventory across the entire ecosystem of your labs. We offer onsite management of inventory, safety and disposal as well as offsite support and storage.

We help customers reduce cost, improve safety and efficiency and comply with regulations around the world.

Your team of lab managers, scientists and procurement professionals can select and customize the services they need to support their goals for peak efficiency, quality and compliance. Supported by our cloud-based and globally networked Inventory Manager and Chemical Manager digital platforms, our services are scalable to meet your specific requirements today, and in your lab of the future.

Manage your chemical inventory efficiently and effectively – contact us or request a free live demonstration today.

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