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Maximized supply chain through flexible, customized procurement and material management. On-site, expert personnel managing digital solutions to cohesively optimize inventory.

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Optimizing supply chain within the lab environment is inherently connected to managing and controlling spend. From an overhead perspective, controlling spend correlates to eliminating the need for research scientists to be directly involved with procurement management, and instead focus valuable time back on science. 

Avantor’s procurement and material management services are rooted in our 160-year heritage of supporting science with the agility of flexible, customized on-site strategies to optimize supply chain and control spend that can affect lab productivity.

Our expert, on-site procurement professionals assess current-state inventory and methodologies and pinpoint opportunities for systemic improvement. Then, combining vendor-agnostic procurement with the millions of products available through our channel brand, VWR, we assist you in optimizing a customized supply chain to ensure you have critical lab and research supplies exactly when and where you need them.

Maximizing Lab Output

Effective supply chain is the engine powering lab output. When operating optimally, reliable procurement frees scientists from the burden and expense of lost research time due to unanticipated supply shortages. As variances occur, time spent on corrective procurement ultimately reduces lab output; however, stabilizing an unpredictable supply chain within the lab directly contributes to your lab's optimal output.

Supply Chain For How Your Lab Operates

Nimble procurement and material management fortify your lab’s ability to scale and evolve as needed over time. That’s why at Avantor, our expertise in managing lab supply chain infrastructure and insights enables maximized productivity and cost containment that underpin lab growth objectives.

Our procurement and supply chain services strategically manage all incoming and outgoing goods in support of lab operations and warehousing requirements, channeling critical yet time consuming supply tasks such as invoice reconciliation, purchase order management, and vendor consolidation through our cloud-based Inventory Manager software. As the central transactional and intelligence hub, Inventory Manager’s reporting and data insights simplify and optimize stockroom and point-of-use inventory, and pinpoint process improvement to reduce waste throughout the entire lab ecosystem. Inventory Manager’s 360-degree insights are further leveraged through its partner software, Chemical Manager. This software, focusing on end-to-end chemical management and container-level tracking, facilitates compliance as well as mitigates potential risk and safety factors involved in chemical storage.

From discovery to delivery, we can optimize a flexible, customized supply chain for how your lab operates. To get started, contact us.

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Procurement and supply chain services

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Ready to move your next innovation forward? Avantor Services can help.

Ready to move your next innovation forward? Avantor Services can help.

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