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Effective chemical management presents challenges along every point in the journey from discovery to delivery. No other lab operation demands such a wholly transparent, end-to-end solution to ensure ongoing stability, safety, and compliance as chemical management. With our 160-year heritage in chemical management expertise, Avantor’s on-site teams are ready to help ensure your stable chemical supply chain.

End-to-end chemical management solutions, optimized by Avantor

  1. Expert on-site chemical management

    From development to disposal, Avantor’s on- and off-site chemical management solutions provide the personnel, processes, technology, and expertise to produce an optimized, compliant chemical management ecosystem. Our approach is rooted in supporting your lab’s objectives – offering solutions to help you reduce costs, improve safety and efficiency, and comply with environmental, health, and safety regulations around the world.

    Our on-site teams create your lab’s transparent chemical infrastructure by deploying Chemical Manager, our proprietary, cloud-based chemical inventory, reporting, and container-level tracking software. Our end-to-end approach includes:
    • Chemical Manager’s integration with your procurement systems, maximizes enterprise-level receiving, bar coding, and point of use reporting capabilities
    • Expert on-site Avantor personnel, holistically managing day-to-day Chemical Manager tasks, insights, and data; freeing up your high-value resources for research
    • 24/7 reporting, accessible through any internet browser and device (Android and IOS-compatible)
    • Customized on-site chemical procurement, powered by RFID kiosks channeling use and replenishment requirement data to Chemical Manager
    • 360-degree visibility and tracking, including chemicals from any supplier, parent/child containers, and pre-notifications of container expiration ensure ongoing compliance, streamlined auditing and effective emergency response enablement
  2. Custom chemical and process development

    Deploying our earned expertise in chemical innovation, we collaborate with customers on a global scale to develop product and processes needed for moving science forward. Partnering with customers at their own sites, or at our seven Avantor Innovation Centers located around the world, we jointly develop custom chemical formulation, process optimization, and packaging – aligned to lab-level or full production scale requirements:
    • Upstream processes, such as cell culture supplements and single-use fluid collection systems
    • Downstream activities, such as optimized raw materials and single-use material transfer systems; and fill-and-finish solutions, such as excipients and single-use bulk drug substance samples
  3. cGMP Chemical manufacturing

    Avantor’s global manufacturing network of 13 cGMP production facilities, located near our customers’ sites around the world, offer the agility of customizable chemical manufacturing output:
    • Product quantity and quality, in pilot lots and small batches to full production volume
    • Seamless production scale-up, expediting the transition from concept or prototype to volume manufacturing
    • Production of a wide range of chemical and biologics, including high-purity chemicals, custom delivery solutions, and custom packaging
  4. Global distribution

    Working with Avantor, your optimized chemical supply chain benefits from expertise in end-to-end distribution, with strategic locations across the globe to support customers’ needs:
    • Customized warehousing and compliant storage within a global network of 19 ISO-certified temperature- and humidity-controlled distribution facilities
    • Worldwide logistics support, enabling our ability to efficiently ship to over 175 countries
    • Procurement, spend management, and change notification services control spend within this critical operation
  5. Chemical disposal

    Avantor’s chemical management expertise continues with disposal services rooted in sustainability and compliance. On-site personnel work in tandem with Chemical Manager to seamlessly manage entire waste life cycle solutions for both liquid and solid waste:
    • From collection to disposal and recycling of hazardous and non-hazardous materials
    • Sustainable, compliant waste disposal to mitigate potential risk, fees, and fines

From development to disposal, we are the chemical management experts

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Ensure a stable chemical supply chain and ongoing compliance with Avantor’s chemical management solutions. Contact us today to get started.

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