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Your scientists can have the exact products they need—when and where they need them—when you have an efficient and comprehensive solution that includes an accurate stockroom and point-of-use inventory management system. That means you and your team can focus on your work at the bench and produce results on time.

Avantor® can help you with the on-site personnel, processes, and technology you need to help you leverage a complete inventory management system that takes lab inventory tasks off your shoulders so you can do what you do best.

Teams, technology, transparency: inventory-enabled science

Avantor’s inventory management system supports every touch point along your lab’s workflow, from warehouse to point-of-use. Unexpected variances can create costly research and output delays, so we use our more than 160 years of scientific and supply chain expertise to manage and optimize end-to-end, transparent inventory solutions to help support your scientific objectives.

Your team—including procurement, lab management, and scientific personnel—can rely on our on-site experts to implement and operate an inventory ecosystem that ensures optimal stock levels, process efficiencies, and controlled spending across your entire scientific enterprise.

Optimized inventory: Avantor’s approach to inventory management

When your scientists double as procurement managers, they can’t put their complete focus on what they do best. When you partner with Avantor, your procurement, lab management, and high-value scientific colleagues can rely on our on-site teams to help implement and operate an inventory system that ensures optimal stock levels, adds efficiency, and controls spending across your entire lab enterprise.

Needs and situation assessment

Avantor does more than install an off-the-shelf inventory management system. Instead, our on-site teams help evaluate your current inventory management systems and workflows to develop optimal inventory baselines. Then we use our time-tested inventory planning, stocking, and cost management expertise to develop and deploy a new system designed specifically to meet your needs and workflows.

Inventory Manager—our proprietary cloud-based lab inventory management software—helps seamlessly integrate your procurement systems and digitizes your inventory management processes. Automated data-based procurement, task management, and reporting serve as cornerstones of an optimized lab inventory ecosystem.

  • Data-based procurement. On-site personnel coordinate vendor-agnostic procurement using Inventory Manager’s global purchasing platform, accessing thousands of products from various manufacturers—including the millions of products available through our channel brand, VWR®, and the MarketSource portfolio of products and sourcing solutions.
  • Procurement task management. We can help you streamline time-consuming yet critical tasks, such as invoice reconciliation, purchase order management, and vendor consolidation.
  • Real-time reporting and data metrics. We can help you run scheduled reporting on real-time inventory levels and replenishment needs. Because inventory needs don’t always conform to a schedule, we can perform the same reporting tasks on an ad-hoc basis whenever needed. Our Inventory Manager software lets us centralize all inventory transactions to help support decision-making and project planning and anticipate your lab’s needs over time.

Customized product flow throughout the lab

Avantor’s on-site team manages optimized product flow throughout the lab, from warehouse to stockroom to bench, to support on-demand consumables use and replenishment.

We develop insights into your lab’s operational and research product use patterns. We use that information to assess, pinpoint, and procure the specific products your lab needs to optimize project output and productivity.

Our goal is to streamline your research and development process, so your team can focus on what it does best: enabling science from discovery to delivery.

Leverage Avantor’s end-to-end inventory management solutions and refocus your valuable time back on science. Contact us to get started today.

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