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Cloud-based, global inventory management tool helps customers optimize consumption and replenishment of lab consumables


Cloud-based, globally-networked digital solution for container-level tracking of chemical inventory


Saving time and reducing costs through cost-efficient inventory management


Avantor Services suite of digital solutions gives you the information you need to manage spend, track use and location, and bring overstocking and understocking problems under control. By tracking key information—including location of consumables and equipment, expiration dates, cost and vendor details—you get a holistic view of your lab’s management processes from purchase to point-of-use.

Once tracked, all of this data, can be analyzed and problem areas in your lab’s management practices identified. From there, it’s simply a matter of implementing solutions.

Data, available in real time, populate scheduled and on-demand reports that give you the insights you need. With just a glance, you know the location of every registered piece of equipment, each container of chemicals, as well as your lab supplies. You will know what needs to be serviced or re-stocked, and if your equipment and supplies are in compliance with internal and external regulations. Clear data gives you information to improve efficiencies and productivity. We save you time and money so your lab can invest more of both in the important work—science.


Analysis is a crucial part of the scientific process.

Scientists, by nature, want answers. Researchers pose a hypothesis, ask a question, then develop their experiment and gather information. It could be pure exploration or that there’s an urgent problem that needs to be solved. But, no matter the reason, once the raw data is collected it’s analyzed to see what worked, what didn’t, and what new information has come to light. That’s the only way to implement changes to the process and make progress, move science forward, and eventually find an answer. Without the analysis, the data is meaningless.

The same is true when it comes to lab management. Common problems associated with inventory, chemical and equipment management can only be solved with clear data that’s analyzed so that you can improve your lab management processes.

Recover the work hours spent searching for supplies and finding lab equipment by managing your lab’s consumables, instruments and materials digitally. Once crucial information—ranging from chemical expiration dates to rates of use and frequency of equipment maintenance—is captured by our suite of Software Solutions, you have the data you need to drive sound decisions.

  • Inventory Manager
    Monthly inventory metrics reporting provides a standard set of key metrics for designated facilities and can filter to the stockroom level. You know which project uses which products and can manage budgets effectively.
  • Chemical Manager
    Expiration dates, HMIS/GHS classifications and container locations are visible without leaving the bench, easing access to information about compliance with internal and external regulations. You have clarity about compliance concerns before they become a crisis, ensuring easier audits.
  • Equipment Manager
    Schedule routine maintenance, calibration and services and then track particulars for the full lifecycle of lab equipment. You know when it’s time to replace or upgrade equipment, and can plan accordingly.


Avantor’s onsite teams are experts at harnessing the data provided by Inventory Manager, Chemical Manager and Equipment Manager to improve lab management practices across the full ecosystem of your laboratories.  
Avantor Services collaborates with customers to meet their goals. Each solution is tailored to your needs, whether it’s to analyze inventory, study current ordering process, and recommend a cost saving solution that allows scientists to stay focused at the bench or to maintain lab equipment inventory, while also tracking moves, additions and de-acquisitions.

Data and metrics are integral to our service solutions methodology.  We use the findings to provide clear insight and create actionable ways to improve processes, ensure accurate reporting and manage spend.

We offer a global approach to support every aspect of metrics, analytics and reporting.  From how data is collected to reporting outputs, our holistic solutions ensure alignment and standardization so you have the end result of better processes and, in some cases, predictive models.

The goal of Avantor Services digital solutions is to provide your team with the data and insights needed to drive decisions that will optimize your lab’s operations.

Gain insight into your lab management processes using the data, metrics and analytics our systems and teams can provide you. Contact us to find out how we can help you optimize your lab management processes today. 

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Ready to move your next innovation forward? Avantor Services can help.

Ready to move your next innovation forward? Avantor Services can help.

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