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Advanced Battery Science and Technology Equipment and Instruments

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Advanced Battery Science and Technology Equipment & Instruments | Avantor

A Myriad of Equipment and Instruments from Top Manufacturers

Avantor distributes a myriad of laboratory and process equipment and instrumentation from top manufacturers to support your workflows in Battery R&D / Scale-up and Production. We carry a broad range of products to meet the specialized needs of analytical chemistry laboratories. No matter what methods or technology you use, Avantor offers a comprehensive catalog of the equipment, reagents, chemicals, consumables, tools, and other products you need every day.

To analyze trace elements, inductively coupled plasmas techniques are ideal, often combined with optical spectroscopy (ICP-OES), but also in combination with mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). Whereas ICP-OES is well suited for robust and fast analysis in QA/QC laboratories, ICP-MS offers increased sensitivity is often the instrumentation of choice for R&D applications, where lower detection limits may be necessary.

Gas chromatography with mass spectrometry (GC-MS) can be used for the analysis of impurities that originate from the production process or help to detect impurities in common electrolytes. It is also vital in assessing potential reasons for premature failure, as it can be used for the analysis of harmful or dangerous degradation products



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Basic and advanced balances to weigh materials used in battery chemistries, battery components or battery cells.



Benchtop homogenizers can be useful for those looking to mix slurries, powders, battery salts in formulating battery chemistries.



Specially designed chambers to test the resiliency of battery construction, cycle/storage testing at various temperature set-points from -40C - +110C

Battery Test Chambers, Binder


Fume Hoods

Ensure a toxin-free workspace, protecting you from harmful fumes, vapors, and dust. Maximize your lab's safety standards, increase productivity, and safeguard your health. Invest in our fume hood and breathe easy with peace of mind.

Discover the Protector XStream® with spill stopper and the Protector®PVC for working with perchlloric acid and acid digestion.


Glove Box

Glove boxes are an indispensable tool in the development and manufacture of batteries. The materials used in the development of the batteries (Lithium, sodium) must be implemented in controlled atmospheres devoid of H2O, O2, N2.


Useful for a myriad of applications where stirring liquids, or heating liquids is desired.



Test compression and tension (push/pull) of battery casings.

Motorized Force Test Stand with PC Control and Data Logging


Microscopes, along with specialized imaging techniques and software, allow battery factories to ensure the quality, consistency, and performance of their products. By utilizing these powerful tools, manufacturers can analyze materials, optimize processes, and drive advancements in battery technology.

A recent approach from Leica combines optical microscopy and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) allowing simultaneous visual and chemical analysis for efficient QA/QC.


A microbalance is an exceptionally precise instrument used for weighing very small samples with a high degree of accuracy.



When selecting pH meters for battery factories, it's important to consider factors such as accuracy, stability, temperature compensation capabilities, ease of calibration, and durability. It is also advisable to choose pH meters from reputable manufacturers known for their reliability and customer support to ensure accurate and consistent pH measurements throughout the battery manufacturing process. Discover our extensive range.

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Pipettors are indispensable tools for liquid handling needs and moving precise volumes of liquids from one vessel to another.



Powder hoods offer user protection by keeping powders and particulates contained during weighing procedures.



Recirculated chillers offer an environmentally friendly way of precise temperature control which can be useful in various battery temperature testing applications.



Spray dryers can be an important tool for coating electrode materials with graphene and other materials for lithium batteries. Spray-drying is a simple, affordable, easily scalable technique that enables control of particle size and morphology. Because of this, spray drying has been widely used for synthesis of functional nanoparticles or special structures in the field of chemical engineering and advanced materials.

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Experience accurate moisture analysis with Karl Fischer titrators. Our Karl Fischer instruments provide reliable and precise results for determining water content in various samples. Enhance your quality control processes and ensure product integrity with our advanced Karl Fischer solutions.

Compact Titrators, METTLER TOLEDO


Vacuum Centrifuge

Designed for precise separation, drying and de-aerating various kinds of liquid, slurry, paste, and powder materials. It could be used for nano-powders, nanotubes, ceramics powders, battery powder/slurry, metal powders, and especially high viscosity slurry/paste.


Discover our extensive vacuum pump range - the ultimate solution for industrial applications. From compact designs to high-capacity systems, we've got you covered! Boost productivity with our reliable and efficient pumps.



Discover our state-of-the-art vacuum ovens! Perfect for sensitive materials and processes, our range offers precise temperature control and rapid drying. Choose from various sizes and features to meet your specific needs. Enhance your operations with our reliable vacuum ovens.