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MarketSource online product portfolio | Avantor

Avantor’s MarketSource portfolio is an online catalog of thousands of items—from lab supplies and chemicals to reagents and consumables—that augment the millions of offerings on our channel brand, VWR. This suite of materials, some rare or specialized, accelerate research projects by providing your scientists with the precise product they need, when they need it.

One-stop shopping for all your lab supplies and materials

We leverage decades of supplier relationships, created by our channel brand VWR, to create a unique portfolio of laboratory supplies, equipment and materials. Our global sourcing network—developed over 150+ years of finding quality lab supplies—enables us to find what you need, where and when you need it.

This allows us to help your scientists easily order the supplies and materials they need without losing valuable time. Our one-stop shopping system is simple because the MarketSource portfolio articles, sourced from multiple vendors, are available on Avantor’s e-commerce website, VWR.  

Our MarketSource solution streamlines the process of stocking the unique lab supplies, chemicals and reagents you need—from sourcing to purchase and delivery. MarketSource portfolio items are available to clients with an activated VWR account.

After your team has decided on the optimal item, we can often have it shipped directly from the supplier, expediting delivery. You, in turn, can get back to your scientific work in progress as quickly as possible.


Procurement and material management services

Avantor's MarketSource portfolio – ever expanding as labs evolve

Scientific discoveries and breakthroughs require flexible, easy solutions that allow scientists to focus on their work. Sourcing and procuring products is time consuming and keeps scientists away from their vital research. That is why we continuously add new articles and suppliers to our portfolio. More products directly available on equals less time wasted.

Streamline purchasing – spend more time on science

When Avantor collaborates with customers who want to fully maximize the benefits of MarketSource, we offer even more with a holistic approach to procurement through our MarketSource Sourcing Solutions and our Lab & Production Services.

Combining Avantor’s MarketSource Sourcing Solutions with our MarketSource portfolio optimizes your system for these smaller, specific, or even one-time purchases by:

  • Offering Avantor as your sole channel simplifies the purchase order process
  • Reducing your number of managed vendors reduces management costs
  • Integrating global procurement strategy with support at the local level, in the local language

When your procurement process is simplified, from sourcing to purchase and delivery, you gain back hours of lost time—time you can use to move your science forward.

Give your team access to millions of items with Avantor’s one-stop shopping solution. Contact us today to learn more about MarketSource.


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