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Whether at start up or within an established lab ecosystem, lab work streams often uncover operational deficiencies capable of holding your lab back from running at peak performance. Pinpointing the cause within an entire lab infrastructure, however, can prove challenging to high-value resources needing to focus on scientific endeavor. Avantor’s Lean process consulting services proactively address this common issue, deploying Lean methodologies and vendor-agnostic solutions to optimize work streams and deliver quantifiable results. It’s just one way Avantor sets science in motion to create a better world – and help propel your lab toward its next innovation.  

Optimized operations, lean results

Avantor’s global team of field-based, Lean Six Sigma-certified consultants streamline your lab’s operations by focusing on your lab’s most important assets – the people, processes, and technology that, together, contribute to your lab’s model for success.

After data collection, current-state assessment and project stakeholder discussions, lean consulting services continue with flexible solutions specific to local regulations:

  1. Lab design and space utilization. Devise and optimize lab space through 6S methodology (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain and Safety) aligned to speed efficiencies and cost savings. Examples of this holistic approach include:
    • Devising new or improving existing space configurations, including stock rooms, racking systems, walk-in freezers, refrigerators, point-of-use workstations, and administrative offices
    • Reconfiguring existing equipment and lab furniture to maximize unused floor space and increase ergonomic access
    • Identifying new technology with a smaller footprint
    • Facilitating off-site warehousing, to store non-critical supplies and equipment
  2. Process design and optimization. Often yielding the highest return once optimized, we pinpoint opportunities for process implementation and improvement critical to lab operations:
    • Inventory, chemical, and equipment management best practices deployment or process refinement, including end-to-end chemical management and compliance expertise
    • Procurement implementation or process refinement, streamlined by digital solutions managing time-consuming task automation such as invoice reconciliation, purchase order and vendor consolidation, as well as vendor-agnostic procurement, including access to millions of products available through our channel brand, VWR
  3. Accredited scientific personnel. Adding or improving efficiencies often calls for on-site personnel managing non-core tasks so high-value resources are free to focus on strategic decision-making and collaboration. Our consultants work seamlessly with Avantor’s general lab services and technical lab services, to help optimize personnel placement focused on supporting the entire lab ecosystem

About our team

Avantor’s team of field-based Lean Six Sigma-certified consultants, both individually and collectively, contribute a diverse knowledge base and advanced skill sets to every engagement occurring globally. With each lean certified team member having expertise and backgrounds in GLP and GMP best practices, architecture, financial statistics, and chemistry, respectively, our harmonized, holistic approach helps your lab move science forward.

Leverage your lab’s highest potential with Lean consulting services. Contact us to get started.

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