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Optimizing scientific workflows through expertise in lab inventory, as well as chemical, equipment and sample management within a connected digital experience.

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Scientific workflow optimization by SmartScience | Avantor

Scientific innovation is enabled when research workflows and processes better support scientists working at the bench. SmartScience from Avantor® optimizes critical workflows through its digital ecosystem of software and hardware solutions that adapt to how scientists need to work. Our logistics solutions adapt to your lab’s needs to help keep your lab at the forefront of modern research.

Laboratory software solutions: SmartScience’s open and adaptive approach supports scientific processes optimization

SmartScience digital software solutions are a scientific workflow system that optimizes your lab’s inventory, chemical supplies, equipment, and biologic samples. The system uses the internet of things (IoT) technology and data analysis to help manage and automate supply processes and your on-site hardware needs. 

The SmartScience approach to an open and adaptive digital ecosystem is embedded with insights from Avantor’s 160-year heritage and expertise in supporting science. These insights power an optimized, connected experience within workflows with digital software solutions that analyze, manage, and automate what scientists need at the bench and on-site hardware solutions that leverage IoT technology for optimized inventory data and access. 

Inventory Manager

It is critical to successful research to have the exact product you need, where, and when you need it. That’s why it is essential to use an efficient stockroom and point-of-use inventory management system. Avantor’s Inventory Manager manages and automates the end-to-end supply chain by tracking inventory through your entire lab ecosystem and providing real-time analysis and insights on current product use, spending, and storage. Our inventory optimization method helps eliminate overstocking and out-of-stock situations that can limit lab productivity and collaboration.

In addition, Inventory Manager can be scaled to fit your lab’s evolving needs in terms of:

  • Ease of use
  • Data-based, real-time reporting
  • One-stop and on-demand replenishment
  • Automated time-consuming tasks
  • Customized warehousing requirements
  • Access to our expert service team

Chemical Manager

Managing your chemical inventory can be challenging and significantly impact your results, regulatory compliance, and safety if not done correctly. That’s why Avantor developed Chemical Manager to help constantly track the location and stock levels of your lab’s chemical inventory.

Chemical Manager is our proprietary, cloud-based software that tracks chemicals at the container level to give you a clear picture of the chemicals you have, where they are stored, and when they must be replenished. The software allows you to track your entire chemical inventory across multiple locations, manage chemicals from all your suppliers, simplify analytics with customizable reports, and helps with the following tasks:

  • Physical inventory
  • Product cataloging
  • Activity logging
  • Report management

Equipment Manager

We leveraged our decades of experience in full-cycle equipment management to create our proprietary cloud-based Equipment Manager software. This vendor-agnostic digital solution allows us to support you in all aspects of equipment management. Digital document and certification tracking simplifies audits and helps ensure your lab equipment complies with local, international, internal, and external regulations. A robust digital repository simplifies document organization and accessibility. Real-time and scheduled reporting, including alerts about calibration and maintenance deadlines, help you quickly deal with any contingency.

Among the benefits of Equipment Manager are:

  • Simplified compliance standardization
  • Streamlined maintenance, calibration, and repair
  • Automated repair-verses-replace logs
  • Automated time-consuming tasks

Sample Manager

When you store your biologic samples in Avantor’s global network of GxP-compliant biorepository and archiving facilities, you can be sure our more than 40 years of biostorage and archiving experience mean we take comprehensive measures to help ensure your specimens and records are secure. Avantor has been entrusted to store more than 100 million samples to date – and never failed to return one.

We coordinate cold chain logistics to transport your assets according to their specific requirements. We carefully inspect and index your samples so we can track and trace every movement in real time, from receipt to processing. Your assets are stored in ideal conditions in our qualified, purpose-built, state-of-the-art facilities, each of which meets the strictest local and international standards.

In addition, our layers of backups and redundancies help ensure that all your assets remain safely stored, even during power failure. And our GLP- and IATA-trained experts are dedicated to meeting your specific needs.

When you need to retrieve your assets, experts at Avantor coordinate cold chain logistics to meet your specific requirements quickly; we monitor, track, and trace your assets in real time throughout the storage and shipping process.

Laboratory hardware solutions: 360-Degree lab inventory visibility with SmartScience hardware solutions

Avantor’s SmartScience digital hardware solutions work with our Inventory Manager’s 360-degree view of lab materials and consumables use. IoT technologies—such as RFID—help track inventory and chemical locations, while on-site consumables kiosks provide scientists with easy access to the items they need while gathering data that helps create an optimized lab inventory.

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