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Digital Solutions by SmartScience

Open and adaptive digital technologies seamlessly connecting scientists to workflow processes, without compromise – to advance the evolution of scientific collaboration, now and into the future.

Digital Offerings by SmartScience | Avantor

SmartScience’s open and adaptive architecture

The SmartScience approach to open architecture easily adapts to any platform and processes, creating an innovative digital ecosystem where access to data and real-time insights power lab productivity, foster enhanced collaboration and propel life-changing science.

It’s how we set science in motion to create a better world – for scientists.

With Avantor’s SmartScience, leverage our expertise in customer workflow optimization, digital commerce, data informatics and digital services, enabling a cohesive path to scientific breakthrough without compromise. That’s science made smarter.


Future-focused scientific enablement

Tola Olorunnisola, SVP Clinical Services & Strategy, shares how Avantor is leveraging digital technology at our Bridgewater Innovation Center.

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Scientific breakthroughs enabled by collaboration occurring anytime, anywhere in the world.

This future state of science is at work today, with Avantor’s Digital Offerings by SmartScience. Embedded with our expertise and insights from a 160-year heritage of supporting scientific innovation, the SmartScience approach to an open and adaptive digital ecosystem seamlessly connects scientists to critical lab and production workflows, new possibilities for collaboration and breakthroughs that result.

Easily integrated into any platform and process, SmartScience digital technologies adapt to how our customers work – creating a customized, science-enabling experience.

How SmartScience digital technologies advance the connected lab of the future:

  • Workflow optimization through our industry expertise embedded into proprietary, advanced analytical technologies
  • Digital commerce ensures integrated, seamless purchasing and inventory experiences through our global e-commerce platform
  • Data informatics leverage predictive technologies with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) insights to produce enhanced data visibility and process automation
  • Digital services streamline global product availability, visibility and quality information

Advancing a connected science experience without compromise.

It’s the science of tomorrow, made possible today by SmartScience.

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Enable innovation with open and adaptive workflow optimization solutions customized for how your lab operates. SmartScience software and hardware solutions can help.


Leverage a robust digital commerce experience connecting you to thousands of suppliers and more than six million products through Avantor’s e-commerce platform.


Gain critical data-based insights needed to accelerate innovation at the speed of science. Data informatics by SmartScience provide a digital path for how science is evolving into the future.


Your scientific workflows rely on trusted, high-quality products to produce repeatable results. Our Supplier Central platform connects you with the products and services your innovations need.

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