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Innovation Supporting the Global Biopharmaceutical Market

Avantor Bridgewater
NJ, USA Innovation & Technology Center

Avantor Bridgewater Innovation Center | Avantor

The Avantor Bridgewater Innovation Center was opened in 2017 as a technology-driven research and collaboration environment. Our teams of scientists and researchers collaborate with customers as well as Avantor’s extended teams of process engineers, product managers, quality and regulatory experts and others to advance projects including:

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Our recently-expanded innovation center within the New Jersey Center of Excellence in Bridgewater, NJ USA enhances Avantor’s R&D support for customized product and bioprocess development, as well as cell and gene therapy reagent manufacturing to support advancements in personalized medicine.

  • Located within the Boston – Washington, D.C. life science corridor with close proximity to many customers and critical R&D talent
  • State-of-the-art materials characterization, gene-to-protein, drug delivery development, chromatography, purification processing capabilities and material synthesis, cell & gene therapy customization
  • Unique “entrepreneurial scientist” staff focused on answering key biologics processing and materials utilization challenges
  • Collaborative research model encourages customer interaction and collaboration with colleagues across multiple life sciences and materials science disciplines


Bioprocess Applications Development

  • Applications and use protocol
  • Enable implementation of new product and technologies
  • Process development support

Advanced Analytical Capabilities

  • Inorganic / Organic impurity profiling
  • Biologic assay
  • Method validation

Material R&D

  • Purification technology
  • Surface modification
  • Polymerization
  • Application characterization

Process Research and Engineering

  • Pilot scale-up to manufacturing process understanding to meet requirements from early clinical stage through to commercialization
  • Application characterization

Single-use Systems

  • Standard and custom assemblies for fluid transfer and sampling using fluid collection and transfer bags, tubing and manifolds
  • Mixing systems, skids and accessories
  • Ready-to-use, pre-weighed dispensing systems for powdered raw materials and excipients

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