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Cell therapy

Advance every stage of your bioprocessing workflow with Avantor®’s cell therapy solutions.

Cell therapy manufacturing products | Avantor

Avantor®’s end-to-end cell therapy solutions.

Cell therapies such as CAR-T and TCR-T offer transformative outcomes for challenging diseases. Recent cell therapy approvals and the growing number of clinical trials are accelerating the process from discovery through clinical trials to commercial manufacturing and delivery.

Avantor offers a broad range of cell therapy research and manufacturing solutions, including:

  • cGMP chemicals
  • Sera and reagents
  • Single-use solutions
  • Upstream processing
  • Downstream purification
  • Final fill
  • Environmental control

Our vast portfolio of products and services helps researchers and manufacturers develop and scale novel cell therapies. Companies can rely on our in-depth research and process optimization knowledge to help them overcome obstacles they may face in cell therapy workflows.

We partner with you during the development phase to customize and provide ready-to-use, pre-weighed, and pre-packaged cGMP chemicals that fit your cell culture scale-up needs.

We supply animal sera to enhance attachment and growth of adherent cells and cell culture components, fermentation media and supplements, growth factors, reagents, and excipients.

In addition, our single-use products enable aseptic fluid transfer and closed-system cell culture to help mitigate process contamination risk and add speed and flexibility to cell therapy manufacturing.


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Discover Avantor’s Cell Therapy solutions


Cell therapies focus on maximum cell dose for delivery and the functionality of the cells and tissues being administered rather than on maximum titers and protein quality.
Avantor has optimized our cell culture supplements, cell dissociation reagents, and other products to help you achieve your goals in upstream processing and protect the quality of your final cell product.


Processes for downstream purification of advanced cell therapies differ dramatically from other biologics. Our cell therapy solutions can help you successfully execute the complex steps required to obtain the final cell dose with the required quality parameters.

We help you streamline activities such as centrifugation — or alternative methods such as counter-flow centrifugation — for debris removal, washing and concentration of the cell dose, and filtration steps.


Our single-use solutions are designed for flexibility and versatility in aseptic fluid handling across the upstream, downstream and final-fill steps of producing gene therapies. Solutions for the gene therapy workflow include our proprietary Avantor Adjustable Volume Sampling System (AVSS) which is designed to aseptically draw a precise small sample volume from your most critical.

What is Cell Therapy?

Cell therapy, or cellular therapy, is the introduction or transplantation of healthy cells into a person's body to replace missing or diseased cells. Cell therapies include several approaches that require manipulating donor tissue, both autologous and allogeneic, to obtain desired cells and tissues. These cells and tissues, or cell therapy products, are used to treat diseases, ranging from wound repair to cancer.

Cell therapies emerged in the late 1980s and have grown with the expansion and activation of LAK and TIL adult stem cells (T cells) isolated and expanded from peripheral blood, bone marrow, cord blood, and dermal/keratinocyte grafts to treat burn patients. Today, cell therapy approaches are moving away from stand-alone cell delivery to co-therapies with vaccines or mAbs. 

Why choose Avantor for cell therapy solutions?

As a leading global supplier of mission-critical products and services, Avantor delivers everything needed for cell therapy research, development, and production. Our mission is to enable scientific breakthroughs and set science in motion to create a better world. We collaborate with scientists, educators, and innovators to help support their journeys.

Our global infrastructure allows us to support our customers’ needs wherever they are in the world. When you work with Avantor, you get a reliable partner who carries high-quality products and provides cost-effective services. Contact us to find out how we can support your next breakthrough.

What Should I Consider When Researching Cell Therapy Products?

When you research cell therapy products, it's important to consider current regulations set in place by the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER). The CBER must approve cell therapy products, human gene therapy products, and specific devices related to cell and gene therapy.

Additionally, as cell therapies advance through clinical trials toward approval, the success of cell therapy depends increasingly on process development strategies that enable improved efficiency and maintain or improve safety and quality. High-quality materials and services are vital for optimal performance throughout every phase of the cell therapy workflow.

Single-use solutions for cell therapy

In addition to our upstream, downstream and final fill solutions for cell therapy, our single-use solutions are designed for flexibility and versatility in aseptic fluid handling across the upstream, downstream, and final-fill steps of producing cell therapies.

Solutions for the cell therapy workflow include our proprietary Avantor OmniTop Sample Tubes® Adjustable Volume Sampling System (AVSS), which is designed to aseptically draw a precise small sample volume from your most critical applications.

Environmental control solutions

Maintaining aseptic conditions during the manufacturing or down packing process is part of managing your risk. We offer products from industry-leading manufacturers and support from our teams of specialists who have the technical and industry experience to recommend the best solutions to meet your needs.

What Is the Difference Between Allogeneic and Autologous Cell Therapy?

The difference between allogeneic and autologous cell therapy is the source of cells. Allogeneic cells come from a person other than the patient receiving the therapy. Autologous cells come from the same person who gets the transplant, while allogeneic transplants generally report a lower risk of disease recurrence than autologous transplants. However, allogeneic transplants may be associated with complications.

Discover the Ideal Cell Therapy Products for Your Process

Avantor offers products to help researchers and manufacturers develop cell therapies. We carry a broad range of products, including:

  • Animal sera to enhance attachment and growth of adherent cells and cell culture components
  • Fermentation media and other cell culture media
  • Cell culture supplements
  • Growth factors
  • Reagents and excipients
  • Single-use use products to enable aseptic fluid transfer supporting "closed-system" cell culture.

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