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A real-time tool for measuring the size and concentration of nanoparticles in one drop: the ideal tool for characterizing nanoparticles.  Aimed to accelerate clinical trials of drug, cell and gene therapy, and vaccine production.


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The BioClean-D drop-down garment's unique design offers true aseptic donning, with internal colored tabs to indicate safe touch points that prevent contact with the outside surface.


Now available in 50-1250 µl volume range. Ergonomic design and intuitive operating modes.


Discover this unique isolator from Ecolab with integrated Bioquell bio-decontamination. Be ready for Annex 1 isolator specific guidelines with Ecolab.


With clean-processed, sterile, and non-sterile options, Tyvek® IsoClean® coveralls provide an inherent barrier to particles as small as 1 micron.


Specifically designed for cleanrooms, the Klercide™ Cleanroom Quat™ streamlines cleaning protocols by reducing rinsing frequency with an active quaternary ammonium formulation that delivers efficacious cleaning and sanitization at low concentrations.


Crystal Industries AIREA™ Dry-Wall Stackable CO₂ Incubator’s color touchscreen allows you to easily see current values, set parameters or retrieve up to 912 days of data.


Beckman Coulter Life Sciences: A Strong Partner for Flow Cytometry Solutions for Complex Cell-Based Assays.


The 934-AH™ filter for Total Suspended Solids Analysis, is available in a time-saving, Ready-To-Use format. Used in a wide range of water monitoring applications. Streamlines your laboratory process.


Innovation in battery technology is becoming vital to facilitate the energy transition. Avantor is now supporting customers active in Research & Development, production and recycling of advanced batteries.


Superior specifity and sensitivity for the detection and quantification of DNA or RNA. Broad instrument compatibility.


Certified by US Ergonomics and tested against some of the harshest chemicals, these gloves are built for science, made for you


From waste to cleanroom wipe Contec's ReFIBE wipes, made from recycled water bottles, are ideal for cleanroom use, preventing 35 bottles/pack going to landfill.

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HT 2 robotic tips are compatible with Hamilton's CO-RE® or CO-RE® II heads. Available in conductive, filtered and sterile to suit any application. Discover your options now.


CompactDry™ is a ready-to-use system that reduces the time needed to perform microbial testing on food, cannabis, cosmetics, raw materials and more.


Laser technology can improve laboratory workflow and help ensure comprehensive sample identification in the anatomic pathology lab through high-resolution, reliable printing.


Provides a safe and reliable way to transport a variety of bottled reagents in the lab. Comes in various colors and sizes.

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