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Skid-resistant and durable, Tyvek® IsoClean® shoe covers provide an inherent barrier to particles, microorganisms, and non-hazardous liquids.


You rely on your lab essentials to perform as promised to ensure you deliver consistent, reproducible results at every stage of development. Start saving today!


Unlock innovation! Packed with products from both our leading suppliers and our exclusive Avantor® brands.

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Contec's QuickConnect Carbon Fiber handles are up to 60% lighter than stainless steel handles for critical environments.


Each Wilmad NMR tube is individually inspected and guaranteed to give the best spectral resolution for small molecule NMR experiments up to 600 MHz.


Discover trends, advancements and innovations. From the importance of small molecules to the use of heterocyclic compounds in anti-cancer drug design. Plus different aspects of synthetic methodology are presented.


High purity Suprapur® acids and bases for wet digestion.
Ultrapur acids designed especially for instrumental trace analysis.


Even the most well-designed and maintained rotor will eventually reach the point where it could fail during operation. Contact your Rep!

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Convenient and reliable, Labconco's Triad® can handle the widest variety of samples. Powerful
Lyo-Works operating system handles programs, data and more.

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Ready to take your research to the next level? Discover our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions and resources for gene expression analysis and genotyping, designed to empower you in your pursuit of scientific discovery.


Let’s enhance safety by considering personalized protection equipment (PPE) solutions tailored to your team, processes, and products.


Ideal for labs with reduced space, this is the perfect system to replace highly subjective, error prone manual picking with automated colony picking.


Innovation in battery technology is becoming vital to facilitate the energy transition. Avantor is now supporting customers active in Research & Development, production and recycling of advanced batteries.


A new webpage for Academia Customers, offering essential applications, materials and tools for efficient, breakthrough research


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There is a critical need to remove Triton™ X-100 from the cell lysis step for manufacturing. This white paper illustrates how J.T.Baker® Cell Lysis Solution provides a sustainable, scalable alternative that shows relatively equivalent performance across a range of process conditions and offers ease of use benefits.

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A scientist's perspective on SmartScience

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