Tim Korwan spoke to BioSpectrum International in April 2021 about the integration of single-use technologies into fluid handling systems

Tim Korwan interview with BioSpectrum International April 2021 | Avantor

Avantor’s Tim Korwan, Director of New Product Introduction in Avantor’s single-use business spoke to BioSpectrum International in April 2021 about the increasing demand for single-use systems in downstream unit operations.

Fluid transfer steps in downstream processing can benefit from the implementation of single-use systems. Single-use tubing, connectors, and valve components are among the components that can eliminate cleaning-in-place and sterilizing-in-place (CIP/SIP) procedures – costly, time-consuming steps that contribute to downtime.

In particular, single-use hose assemblies improve processes, but it’s necessary to have a correct assembly for the specific application. This requires many things: understanding the proper process flow rates to ensure that the fluid pathway meets the specification; deep industry knowledge of available fittings to ensure that the proper fittings are selected; and selecting the appropriate material that will be in contact with the fluid.

There is a market need for a single-use high pressure hose assembly that is able to withstand the pressure fluctuations of chromatography and filtration, as these are two common areas for single-use systems.

Avantor, having expertise in single-use manufacturing, including areas such as hose fitting and retainment design, recognized this common failure point and designed a new high-pressure fitting (SterilEnz®).

Traditional buffer prep in monoclonal antibody (mAb) manufacturing requires a large footprint and significant time. Ready-to-use buffers, packaged in single-use bags, allow a manufacturer to directly use the buffers in the process, eliminating the time it would normally take to prepare, mix, and store buffers.

Korwan also explained the ways in which single-use products support better buffer preparation methods.

"Buffers play a significant role in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, typically representing the major component by volume used in biopharma downstream processing steps to help control pH levels and stabilize reactions during purification."

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Timothy Korwan

Former Director of New Product Development

Tim has 20+ years of experience as an engineer and business development with VWR, PAW BioScience Products, and Biopure Corporation where he has designed single-use products, components, and systems that are used by the global drug and vaccine manufacturing industry.