Troubleshooting Methods in Gas Chromatography

Thursday, September 17, 2020
15:00 to 16:00 CEST (Berlin, Paris, Madrid)

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Troubleshooting Methods in Gas Chromatography | Avantor
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Gas chromatography is a technique that is employed in many analytical laboratories and often seen as an established technique with the operation of these devices geared towards continuous operation, and when there is a problem this becomes the domain of the engineer.

As such it can be difficult for new users to get an understanding of some of the issues that can go wrong when setting up and running methods. This webinar will look to address this and highlight some of the common issues associated with setting up a GC method, addressing such issues as;

  • Identifying how to correctly install a column
  • How to optimise the column selection
  • How to optimise the temperature gradient, then moving into operational challenges that can occur due to each of the components of the gas chromatograph.

The lecture will focus on the output chromatograms and look to highlight possible causes for artefacts that are seen with the resulting chromatograms. It will also look at other parameters that can be monitored to ensure a smooth operation of the GC method.

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Presented by


Tony Edge

Tony Edge is the R&D Manager at Avantor, heading a team of specialist scientists in developing next generation stationary phases for HPLC.

He has worked in both manufacturing and also industry, having periods of employment at LGC and also AstraZeneca as well as ThermoFisherScientific and latterly Agilent Technologies. In 2008, he was fortunate enough to be awarded the Desty memorial lecture for his contributions to innovating separation science, and in the same year also won a clinical excellence award from AstraZeneca. Tony’s current interests are centered on improving the extraction process and high-temperature chromatography. Tony was awarded an honorary fellowship at the Liverpool university, where he lectures on separation science, and also lectures at Keele University on Management in Analytical Science. Tony is also the President of The Chromatographic Society in the UK and a contributing editor for the Chromatography Today magazine. Tony is also part of the Reid Bioanalytical conference organising committee, and a permanent member of the scientific committee for the International  Symposium on Chromatography.