Novel Single-use Solutions for Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Novel Single-use Solutions for Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing | Avantor

As cell and gene therapies offer patients the promise of transformative treatments for challenging diseases, it’s vital to innovate and accelerate the processes that move these solutions from discovery to delivery. Register and watch our webinar, “Novel Single-use Solutions for Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing”, to hear more about how our solutions can help streamline your processes.

Rapid advancements in cell and gene therapy development have resulted in recent product approvals bringing these transformative medicines to market. Commercializing these products have introduced a new set of challenges unique to our industry.

Single-Use products and systems have proven to enable a more flexible and cost-effective approach to traditional bio-pharma manufacturing when certain manufacturing modifications are adopted. For example, using low volume sample management systems to increase product yields and implementing ready to use sterilized solution prefilled to certain amount for addition to each step in a closed loop fashion. These new products can be used to streamline the process with consistent quality output.

The presentation will provide an overview and detail several unique challenges currently facing the commercialization of these transformative medicines including:

  • Manufacturing risks
  • Workflow constraints
  • Contamination control

Presented as part of the Avantor webinar program in October 2019.

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Presented by


Dr. Jungmin Oh

Manager, New Product Development

In her current role, Jungmin leads product and process development projects with multiple biopharmaceutical industry partners, including customized product development for cell and gene therapy customers. She holds a MS and Ph.D. in chemical engineering, specializing in the optimization of a continuous chromatography system.


Timothy Korwan

Director of New Product Development at Avantor

Tim has 20+ years of experience as an engineer and business development with VWR, PAW BioScience Products, and Biopure Corporation where he has designed single-use products, components, and systems that are used by the global drug and vaccine manufacturing industry.