End-to-end Sample Management Solutions

Science requires hundreds or thousands of samples in multiple global locations. That means you may have sample tracking and visibility challenges to remain regulatory compliant.

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Explore our sample management services | Avantor Avantor® solves the complexities of your sample management needs, from custom kitting to biorepository services.

Clinical trial and lab sample management solutions from sample collection to sample storage

You need a trusted partner to provide you confidence in the meticulous care given to your vital research assets, from collection and operations to transport and storage. That means you can focus your time and resources on commercially and scientifically valuable, regulatory-compliant research and patient outcomes.

Benefits of sample management

Our end-to-end sample collection kitting solutions and sample storage biorepository services help you consolidate and save – time, money and resources.

Mitigate risk with our cohesive sample management system


When you partner with Avantor, you can be confident that your vitally important research work will be treated with the same care you would give it.

Benefit from the operational efficiencies of working with a single partner who can integrate its proprietary sample management systems with your CRM and LIMS platforms to ensure full visibility of your kits and samples.

Consolidate and save - without risk to your samples, today


Avoid costly delays in your sample collection workflows


Reliable, temperature-controlled sample storage


Learn more about Avantor’s Sample Management solutions

Learn more about Avantor’s sample management services

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