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Custom kitting solutions

Our customer centric approach means that kits and our services meet your exact requirements.

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Avantor Clinical Services produces over 22 million kits for clients worldwide annually, demonstrating Avantor’s expertise in customized kitting solutions for drug development, diagnostics, and medical devices.

Avantor’s extensive industry experience and our clear understanding of customer needs, sees us develop and deliver tailor-made kits globally, with components from 2-100+ to any scale – all whilst adhering to stringent regulatory guidelines to all applicable standards. With kits packaged to specification every time, we tailor our flexible customization solutions to meet every need.

Simplifying trials through customization

We provide expert service in a changing healthcare environment, helping our customers achieve clinical objectives quicker and at lower cost, by keeping pace with innovation and testing requirements in new and emerging markets. We offer a wide range of kitting services, including drug development kitting services, companion diagnostic kitting and medical device kitting.

Expert and efficient kitting to scale

Our customizable approach means that our kits are compiled to meet your requirements.

Complete kitting solutions:

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    Preparation and printing of customized, branded and site-specific documentation including:

    • Manuals and shipping documents, printed in bulk or on-demand
    • Laboratory Requisition Form and return service label printing
    • Barcode label set-up and printing
    • Pre-labelling services including custom branding

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