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Avantor’s Equipment Management Services is a manufacturer-agnostic partner that maintains and manages your equipment – from pipettes to HPLC systems – across the entire ecosystem of your labs for the full life cycle of your laboratory equipment.

From mapping out the installed base of equipment at your labs to maintenance, and eventually decommission, we partner with you to make sure you have the equipment service and management process that meets your goals.

We work with you to make sure your lab equipment is installed and validated according to internal and external standards and regulations. Our decades of experience in equipment services, integrated with digital asset management tools, gives us the ability to create a system that lets you know where your equipment is in real time – and what condition it’s in. This proactive approach minimizes downtime and maximizes uptime.

Our holistic approach to your equipment needs - from installation to decommissioning – optimizes your equipment management system based on your specific objectives.

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Equipment management from installation to decommissioning-optimized

A single provider – managing all aspects of equipment services from installation to decommissioning – helps create a fleet of equipment that is operational, available, and in compliance with internal and external regulations.

When you partner with Avantor we ensure that your equipment is:

Installed correctly

We verify that the environmental conditions required for installation conform to the manufacturer’s guidelines and that the equipment is set up according to those specs.

Working with your team, we demonstrate how an instrument will function in the lab according to the operational specifications of the manufacturer, and test to make sure that it consistently performs according to the criteria you provide. Your scientists will be able to trust that equipment operates as intended.

In compliance

Working independently, or with a validated third party, our skilled technicians calibrate and validate your lab equipment and instruments against the manufacturer’s – and our own – specifications and standards. We also ensure they meet the local and national regulatory requirements (ISO, GMP/GLP, FDA etc.).

With our accreditation to the ISO 17025 standard in many countries, we are able to test and demonstrate that the equipment consistently performs according to the specified standards and criteria. Your team will have equipment that is precise so their research is accurate.

Properly maintained

A routine approach to standard servicing, preventative maintenance, and routine calibrations keeps your equipment operating optimally. This, in turn, gives your scientists equipment that is both reliable and available – allowing them to depend on in-house instruments for their vital research.

Maintenance, as outlined in the manufacturer’s guidelines, will be completed on schedule so your teams can maintain their schedules.

Repaired quickly

When a machine goes down mid-project, it is at best inconvenient and at worst a real crisis. Downtime is costly, both in money and in lost time for research.

Avantor’s skilled technicians, working with your in-house team or validated third-party service providers, respond quickly to repair requests. We are manufacturer agnostic and can help resolve problems with equipment ranging from pipettes to laminar flow cabinets.

To ensure we respond to your needs in a timely way, we track our reaction time from call to on-site service. Your team will know when to expect the equipment back online so they can get back to moving science forward.

Success story

Laboratory equipment inventory management delivers greater accuracy and efficiency

Administration and documentation—simplified

In equipment management, digital solutions are key to driving efficiency up and spend down.

Avantor works with you to create an administrative flow, from procurement to decommission, that works for your teams.  Using either existing systems or our proprietary software Equipment Manager, we ensure that invoices are fulfilled, calibration documentation is readily available, and service and maintenance requests are scheduled (and completed)!

By acting as your administrator we can:

  • Track your vendors and suppliers and consolidate the list so it’s consistent across the ecosystem of your labs
  • Be a single point of contact for your equipment needs
  • Use the data we gather to identify problem areas in procurement, storage and use of equipment and address those pain points

We also put clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into place – such as time to repair and percentage of uptime and downtime – and use that data to make sure we are on track and meet, or even exceed, expectations.

A proactive approach to equipment management lets your teams plan ahead. They will know what equipment and supply resources are available, and when, and can trust that it’s operating as expected.

Maximize uptime and minimize downtime for lab equipment across the full ecosystem of your labs for the full lifecycle of your equipment. Contact us today.


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