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Customized, cGMP-compliant diagnostic kit manufacturing and logistics seamlessly managed by Passport™ digital solutions.

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Commercial kitting manufacturing & services | Avantor

Passport™ custom kitting online ordering and supply management system

For laboratories and other industrial or commercial sites that require regulatory compliant kitting solutions, Avantor Commercial Kitting and Services provides complete, scalable kitting solutions.

We have a holistic approach to kitting from manufacturing and assembly to full tracking and tracing. Avantor Commercial Kitting and Services delivers the ultimate in logistic reliability and performance thanks to automated tracking and traceability – via the proprietary PASSPORT™ on-line portal. This digital solution allows you to create, manage and track your orders in real-time and, combined with our unparalleled industry expertise and dedicated account management for every client, sets your team up for efficient and effective management of kits.

With a strong track record of success in supporting reference labs, specialty labs, drug testing labs and resellers, Avantor Commercial Kitting and Services can call on years of consultancy-level expertise in the sourcing, handling, delivery and customized printing and package tracking of even the most complex kitting items, at any scale desired, to give you the trusted partner you need for you kit requirements. As producers of over 22 million kits a year shipping to 175+ countries, Avantor gives you complete confidence in the customer relationships you create, the service your customers enjoy and the results your lab depends on.


All the kitting expertise you need

Global coverage. Logistical support. Full service kitting solutions by Avantor. Read about our Client Supply capabilities.

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Advancing your commercial and research goals ("why")

Avantor Services is committed to supporting scientific discovery by powering the important work that laboratories and scientists do every day. Our integrated systems and kitting expertise make the production, tracking, and scaling of kit requirements simple – so you can focus on the lab results, research, and patient outcomes that drive your commercial and research goals.

Custom solutions delivered to scale ("how")

The work that enables scientific innovation necessitates flexibility. From manufacturing and assembly, to full tracking and tracing capabilities, Avantor Services supports your kitting requirement with:

  • Quality and choice. Unmatched quality and consistency of kitting service provides complete supply chain, distribution, and logistics solutions.
  • Expertise. Highly trained teams provide fully compliant handling of all samples, no matter how complex.
  • Customization. Custom-assembled kits delivered to specification with custom branding, boxing, packaging, printing, and requisitions.
  • Convenience. Automatic tracking and replenishment to save valuable time and cost.

Avantor’s production systems accommodate a full range of batch sizes with traceable lot numbers and expiration dates. Our flexible, on-demand printing services for lab requisition forms and more minimize waste and maximize accuracy. With our integrated Passport™ software, we provide intelligent supply management through ordering and shipping, while our freight management and logistics services handle outbound and inbound shipments with full auditing.

Delivered to the highest standards of quality assurance, with the customization and convenience to meet your research needs, trust your commercial kitting requirements to Avantor Services’ 20+ years of expert service.

Our kitting services provide the scalability and supply that meets your needs.

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Customized kitting solutions delivered expertly and efficiently to any scale


Developing, testing and certifying a wide range of packaging to meet the needs of specific materials and the research they support


Supplying the industry with specialized and custom specimen collection and transport kits, shippers and kitting products


From tracking and tracing through to the secure shipping at specified temperatures

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