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Arranging the optimal supply of equipment and ancillaries can mean the difference between success and failure for your clinical trial. With increasing numbers of clinical trials taking place outside North America and Europe, you need a global partner who can help supply all your trial requirements to agreed timescales.

Avantor Clinical Services are experts at equipment and ancillary supply on a global scale, allowing us to deliver to your trial in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Giving you complete confidence

We run our global supply network based on four key commitments:

  1. Cost-effectiveness. Our logistical expertise sees us deliver in an economical way – without sacrificing quality of service – to keep your clinical costs down.
  2. Efficiency. We document project specific ISO Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or customer specific Statements Of Work (SOWs) with traceability and full tracking of all equipment.
  3. Delivering on time. Capable of taking on large complex global studies in a timely manner and with excellence in equipment supply, we work closely with you to hit your SIV date.
  4. Global expertise. Having supported projects in over 80 countries, our teams are experts in country-specific transportation and customs regulations and our global partners keep the process running smoothly – even in regions with complex import and export governance.

Global supply for your project

Our Asset Management services ensure all equipment managed by us is asset tracked and supported throughout its life. Whether supplied by Avantor Clinical Services, or it is your own equipment, we can ensure it is made ready and supplied to your next trial.

Our global reach and logistics capabilities enable us to deliver all your equipment and ancillary needs no matter where your clinical trials take place.

Global points of contact
  • Chorley, Lancashire. United Kingdom
  • Lakeland, Florida. United States
  • Shanghai, China

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We stay ahead of clinical demands to deliver the equipment and ancillary supplies you need for your trial, on time and on the spot.


Our dedicated service teams support your trial’s success with site-ready packages, 24/7 support, on-site training, and more.


Helping you meet key compliance and reporting milestones while managing complex end-of-study logistics.

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