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Our clinical kitting solutions help you advance your clinical objectives, from trial and diagnostics to logistics and shipping.

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Custom kitting solutions

Our customer centric approach means that kits and our services meet your exact requirements.

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Discover Flexible Kitting Solutions

Drug development, diagnostics, and manufacturing are key application areas for scientific discovery and innovation. Avantor® Clinical Kitting Services produces over 22 million kits annually and ships to more than 175 countries.

By combining our kitting solutions with logistics reliability and performance, we meet the needs of rapidly changing clinical trials and research. Avantor’s flexible clinical kitting solutions can help you advance your clinical objectives – on time and at scale.

Advancing Clinical Trials and Objectives

Clinical research is dynamic and constantly evolving to adapt to the changing requirements of researchers and participants. Clinical trial product and service partners need global reach so they can deliver on time and meet local regulations while maintaining supply chain integrity for traceability and audit compliance, no matter where your clinical studies take place.

More Than Clinical Kitting Services

Companies that provide custom kitting solutions must meet the growing challenges facing clinical trials – such as changing supply needs and complex shipping requirements – while they keep pace with innovations and emerging markets.

Avantor Clinical Services has over 40+ years of industry expertise in kit component sourcing and manufacture, global distribution capabilities, and freight management services. Our proven customer service supply management and tracking of all custom kitting items help ensure a seamless partnership.

Why Avantor?

When you choose Avantor for your clinical kitting solutions, we deliver:

  • Quality and choice. Consistency of service means you’ll work with an end-to-end provider you can trust.
  • Expertise. We routinely navigate the most stringent regulatory environments and custom packing requirements with GMP compliant assembly in FDA registered facilities.
  • Customization. We can meet any GxP compliant kitting requirements at any scale from two to more than 100 components.
  • Convenience. Our automated tracking and replenishment systems let us accommodate your needs on-demand, sent to you, your site, or directly to the patient.
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From kitting for drug development and disease diagnosis to medical device kitting services and specialized healthcare products, Avantor Clinical Services is here with our leading industry experts to supply all your kitting needs at any scale or degree of customization.

Discover our custom clinical kitting services


Customized clinical kitting solutions are delivered expertly and efficiently at any scale.


From tracking and tracing through to secure shipping at specified temperatures.

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