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Speed-to-market is accelerated when lab processes and resources are operating at peak efficiency. As a lab shifts and grows to meet project and output demands, fundamental approaches to scientific work often need augmentation. Entrusted by customers across the globe, Avantor’s business process consulting services deploy field-based Lean Six Sigma-certified scientific consultants to help pinpoint systemic inefficiencies and develop unbiased, vendor-agnostic optimization solutions customized to your lab’s ecosystem. Documenting current-state infrastructure, we adopt your lab’s vision and implement proven methodologies to achieve desired future-state outcomes.

The Competitive Edge of Optimization

The speed at which science is accelerating the evolution of lab operations requires the continuous reevaluation of operational efficiencies to remain competitive on a global scale. This process is expedited when added or increased project demands reveal the need for challenging the status quo of operations, and the ability to move science forward in optimized, cost-effective work streams is paramount to a project’s success.

The Road Map to Process Efficiencies

Having full control of the many variables within the lab creates an environment rich with the potential of unparalleled achievement. That’s why at Avantor, as scientists ourselves, our mission to set science in motion to create a better world is the guiding principle woven throughout our customized business process consulting services. We actively reshape the scientific landscape with proven Lean methodologies involved in systemic process evaluation and optimization that, together, enable speed to market.

Beginning with current-state assessments to devise desired future-state outcomes, our team of Lean Six Sigma-certified scientific consultants deploy consulting services focused on customized process and lab design, as well as resource utilization assessments including staff, space, and equipment needs. Each vendor-agnostic solution is further validated with the team’s expertise in local regulations, regardless of lab location.

Our project management services focus on assisting labs with either full or partial relocation, including comprehensive inventory and chemical management that ensures ongoing stability and end-to-end compliance.

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