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The safe and secure storage of critical research assets is vital to furthering clinical studies. At Avantor, we provide secure and regulatory-compliant storage for all your clinical trial assets through our global network of storage facilities.

Worldwide, all our centrally-located sites are equipped with finely-calibrated temperature and humidity controls and managed by expert teams of certified specialists. We offer complete sample lifecycle management (along with wide-ranging support services) to keep all your research and manufacturing assets in optimum conditions, so the scientific discoveries they support remains consistently valid.

Quality Facilities to Secure Vital Research Assets 

We manage our unique network of global facilities around four key tenets:

  1. Safety and security. Expansive security systems, back-up redundancies, and 24/7 emergency response teams protect assets from fires, power fluctuations, and other emergencies.
  2. Customization and consistency. Flexible storage infrastructure to fit your requirements, including custom reports and rapid asset retrieval, with propriety automated systems to maintain consistency of care. Our customized services and operational efficiencies reduce lead times and cost.
  3. Accessibility and expertise. Easily accessible facilities in central locations across the globe, with teams of GLP-certified and IATA-trained experts dedicated to meeting your specific needs.
  4. Unparalleled capabilities. Our facilities offer more than 3 million ft³ (c.85,000 m²) of temperature- and humidity-controlled storage space, allowing us to store irreplaceable assets from -196°C to +21°C.

Our Facilities

Our unique network of biorepository and archive facilities are strategically located providing global reach and 24 hour asset retrieval.

Map of Avantor's biorepository storage facilities

Storage Capabilities at a Glance

Secure Biostorage

Our biostorage services allow for complete lifecycle management of early, late, and post phase clinical research material with digital index access, GCP-compliant facilities, and secure distribution and shipping.

Biospecimen Storage Capabilities
  • Blood and blood products
  • Human excreta and human tissue
  • DNA and cryogenic cell lines
  • Wet tissue specimens
  • Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) blocks
  • Microscope slides
  • Test articles

Our storage environments are controlled by a validated environmental monitoring system and supported by dedicated Facility Management, Quality Assurance, and Emergency Response teams.

Regulatory compliant storage temperature inforgraphic

Data Management and Archiving

In addition to biospecimens, our facilities offer secure handling and management of data related to pharmaceutical, agricultural, and biochemical research.

Data Product Storage Capabilities
  • Study reports
  • Protocols
  • Raw data
  • Consent forms
  • Trial master files
  • X-rays
  • Facility records
  • Manufacturing batch records
  • Non-clinical study records
  • Clinical trial data
  • Clinical trial master file records
  • Patient records
  • Lab notebooks
  • Equipment records
  • Training records
  • Quality assurance records
  • Batch records
  • Other third-party documentation

Additional to biological specimens, our regulatory-compliant specialized logistics services support the consolidation and lifecycle management of regulated data material.

Regulated Data Management Capabilities
  • Material receipt and inspection to consolidate and manage research and manufacturing regulated data
  • Standard and custom indexing using bespoke validated proprietary material management system
  • Compliant storage in vaults that are temperature- and humidity-controlled and environmentally monitored with a validated system, protected by FM200 and/or Nitrogen gas fire detection and suppression systems
  • Digital document imaging to supplement or replace in-house scanning
  • Retrieval and distribution of records through specialized regulated logistics

Storage of Manufacturing Materials

In addition to biospecimen and data storage, our facilities are equipped to store your manufacturing materials. Visit our Services for more details.

Regulatory Compliance

We maintain a rigorous quality program that includes regulatory and safety training and inspections for research material, quality assurance, validation, vendor assessment, and equipment maintenance.

The quality program at Avantor ensures compliance with applicable government regulations, internal and external Standard Operating Procedures, QA audit requirements, and industry best practices and guidelines.

Our sites are inspected by statutory regulatory bodies, and we maintain and/or obtain permits, licenses, or compliance with other regulations in addition to applicable compliance with GLP, GCP, cGMP, and OECD and pertinent regulatory authorities.

To find out more about why Avantor’s storage services are the preferred choice for many of the world’s top pharma companies, contact our Clinical Services team today.


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