Biorepository and Archiving Services

How we take care of your critical research assets

How we take care of your critical research assets | Avantor

Learn more about Avantor’s biorepository and archiving facilities, the services we offer, and how we manage your critical research assets

Avantor® Clinical Services has more than 40 years of expertise in biorepository and archiving services. Our network of facilities offers the scalability and flexibility you need to manage your requirements with our secure, quality-controlled regulatory systems.

Our biorepository technicians collect, organize, store, and maintain the integrity and purity of biological materials from your clinical trials and laboratory research. That includes:

  • Human biospecimens
  • Biological samples
  • Tissue samples
  • Clinical data
  • Other animal and plant samples.

Avantor’s Biorepository and Archiving Services


Our network of biorepository and archiving facilities provides you with complete end-to-end service. All your critical research assets are maintained under strict industry guidelines and managed by our dedicated team of experts. See how Avantor’s facilities meet your needs in this video:


Avantor’s biorepository and archiving facilities manage complex customer needs. We meet our commitment to secure asset management and storage by using a rigorous approach to compliance. Watch this video to see how Avantor approaches compliance as a priority.

Meticulous care

Avantor’s biorepository and archiving services handle your clinical research assets meticulously. Our dedicated teams manage the processes conveniently and seamlessly, so you can focus on commercially valuable research. See how Avantor’s processes meet your needs.

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