Significantly reduce risk to your samples with our in-house precision aliquoting service.

Aliquoting service for clinical trials | Avantor

The Avantor® aliquoting advantage

Efficiency in sample processing and management allows clinical trial managers to reduce costs and increase the security of their research samples. For more than 40 years, Avantor® has been innovating to meet scientific research needs.

Our ongoing commitment to providing the highest levels of research asset care is extended through our capability to deliver in-house aliquoting services. Many research samples require aliquoting to generate child samples for distribution to third-party laboratories and clinical partners.

Avantor customers can specify the volume and nature of the required samples and provide destination information. Child samples can be picked, packed, and shipped directly to their destination with a complete end-to-end audit trail.

Parent and child samples can also be indexed within our proprietary material management system and stored in our temperature-controlled biorepository – all processed with Avantor’s meticulous levels of care while minimizing the chain of custody.

Reducing sample risk

We’ve built our aliquoting service around four key principles essential to clinical research professionals:

  1. Risk reduction. Fewer links in the chain of custody and automatic sample backup help minimize risks to critical research assets.
  2. Storage. Parent or child samples destined for long- or short-term storage can be processed and packaged for future use.
  3. Sample integrity. Every sample is automatically indexed and tracked through every step of the process.
  4. Timesaving. Automated aliquoting cuts the time taken to produce aliquots at volume. Managing and integrating data into our proprietary material management system further increases efficiency.

How aliquoting works at Avantor

Avantor’s aliquoting service helps ensure your samples are efficiently aliquoted at the volume you need.

Inbound biological samples are designated for aliquoting

Designate your inbound sample for aliquoting, and our biorepository ecosystem will prepare to process your sample. Before we pick up your sample, we coordinate cold chain logistics. Your assets are transported according to each sample’s specific requirements. We inspect, index, track, and trace at every step from receipt to processing.

Accurate auto-aliquoting service

Our in-house precision auto-aliquoting equipment provides accuracy down to the microliter. We produce consistent samples whether you need 100s or 1000s.

Each sample is securely prepared, automatically labeled, and recorded. Our process helps ensure you meet audit trail requirements. In addition, our automated aliquoting capabilities significantly cut the time it takes to aliquot at volume compared to manually pipetting and scanning.

Dispatch and storage

We pick, pack and ship child samples directly to third-party laboratories. These include a complete end-to-end audit trail. Parent and remaining child samples are stored in our temperature-controlled biorepository and indexed within Avantor’s proprietary sample management system.

The Journey

Key aliquoting service offerings at a glance

  • Sample processing and storage under one roof for increased efficiency, greater integrity, and lower transportation risk.
  • High-volume automated aliquoting is standardized for consistency and can generate outputs from hundreds to thousands of units.
  • Sample sizes from 1μl to 5ml, with aspiration accuracy down to the microliter, are dispensed into optimal-sized tubes.
  • Secure sample preparation and data management – with time-saving automated de-capping, record-keeping plus custom labeling. Records are automatically generated and maintained with file manifest to guarantee audit trail requirements.

Contact our dedicated research support team today if you’d like to know why Avantor Clinical Services clients are using our aliquoting solutions integrated with biorepository services.

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