mAbs scale-up: Success at every step.

Every step along the path to full-scale production is critical and must be carefully chosen to avoid interruptions or delays. From the very beginning, we work with you to design an agile scale-up process using the right materials, systems and components for your specific mAb environment. We’ll help you plan early to plan for success.

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mAbs Scale Up | Avantor

Scale-up should be seamless, not siloed. You can rely on our technical expertise at every stage of development to customize a holistic manufacturing process for your unique mAb, using the right raw materials, tools and processes.


Your challenge – our expertise

Fluid Handling at Any Scale


From small scale to large, our technical experts and engineers help you reduce bottlenecks and product loss with closed system fluid transfer.

Smart equipment insights

From Research to GMP

Customized Buffer Management


J.T. Baker® Viral Inactivation Solution

Improve viral inactivation efficiency and minimize introduction of impurities.

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PROchievA™ recombinant protein A

Enhance your separation power and increase product purity.

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