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Food and Beverage Analysis | Avantor

Avantor® has been a long-time supplier to some of the food and beverage industry's leading manufacturers. We work closely with them to help improve the efficiency of production processes, comply with regulatory standards, reduce costly rework and maximize the value of products across a variety of nutritional applications.

Most importantly, we work to help ensure that nutritional products—and finished goods packaging—are safe and preserved properly for our customers’ end users.

Meeting regulatory requirements

Avantor’s food and beverage chemicals are designed to facilitate effective and reliable quality control in every application and meet current FDA regulatory requirements. Our broad product line, including nutritional minerals and chemicals, includes numerous application-optimized, function-tested products tailored for specific needs and situations.

Through Avantor's sales channel VWR, we offer access to a broad array of products, equipment and instrumentation that supports our customers from sampling to analysis to production. It is critical to preserve product quality for the well-being and safety of consumers, our offering provides the means to test and sample to help eliminate health risks and potential liabilities. This allow companies to meet agency compliance requirements and ensure high quality to surpass consumer expectations.

Food and beverage products

Start improving your process performance now. Our innovative solutions for food and beverage applications include:


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