Environmental testing

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As environmental testing laboratories face tighter regulation, they need environmental testing products and systems that provide proven accuracy and enable more sensitive analytical techniques with very low detection and quantification limits.

Avantor® has an established legacy of helping environmental testing laboratories monitor the health of the environment – including air, water and soil. We offer a broad portfolio to support customer requirements, regardless of application, test or process.

Meeting the standards

Avantor helps environmental testing laboratories enhance the performance of their operations, achieving consistent, reliable results and bringing unmatched quality and purity.

We provide environmental testing chemicals that meet rigorous regulatory demands for extraction, concentration and sample cleanup protocols. We also provide convenient access to a full range of chromatography, consumables and tools for sample collection and analysis.

Help in selecting the right chemicals

Avantor’s expert team works closely with customers when selecting environmental testing equipment and products, to enhance the performance of their laboratories and help them meet the rigorous demands of regulators and markets.

Products for environmental testing

Increase the accuracy and precision of your environmental testing. Our innovative solutions include:


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