Academic research

Resources to advance fundamental science

Academic research | Avantor

Avantor® works to give academic researchers the materials and tools they need to overcome obstacles and produce breakthrough results while operating efficient, productive research laboratories.

Our involvement in laboratory research has its roots in our company’s history: one of our preceding businesses, the J.T.Baker® Chemical Company was founded by a university chemical student who needed higher-purity materials to complete his coursework.

Trusted laboratory research tools

Avantor helps keep academic research on-target and moving forward, through a broad portfolio of laboratory chemicals, reagents and chromatography media, sophisticated lab equipment such as centrifuges, incubators, spectrophotometers and other tools, as well as a full range of consumables and liquid handling products.

Collaboration and customization

We are committed to providing you with products and processes that make it easy for academic researchers to focus on what they do best: conduct the basic science that leads to breakthrough results.

Our experts work directly with academic customers to understand their processes, then apply that understanding to develop cost-effective solutions that fully satisfy specific program requirements and budgets.

Academic research products

Our innovative solutions for academic research include:


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