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Strategic framework to keep science in motion

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We keep innovation at the heart of our business model, helping customers achieve their goals faster, more efficiently and more effectively. 

At Avantor, we employ an innovation model that evolves and advances from insights we receive through our collaborative relationships with customers. Grounded in our business and portfolio strategies, we have a comprehensive innovation system that seamlessly integrates our talent, key processes, functions, infrastructure and metrics. It is our strategic framework that enables us to anticipate and align our innovation efforts with our customers’ priorities.

Customer-centric innovation framework

Because our innovation model is informed by our customer relationships, it is designed to be flexible and responsive to our customers’ priorities as they, and the markets they serve, change. We focus on both incremental and breakthrough innovation. We support our customers through:

  • Proprietary product innovations: We engage with our customers throughout their product lifecycles, including the initial discovery and development activities, to create materials and solutions that meet stringent specifications. We currently have approximately 1,400 innovation projects with our customers that address process improvements for existing products and potential, significant, new opportunities for us to support.
  • Third-party product innovations: We are an important channel for thousands of specialized manufacturers of complex and sophisticated scientific products. Because we are already embedded in key customer workflows and are widely trusted among a broad collection of emerging and established suppliers, we are able to accelerate market acceptance and growth of promising third-party innovations.
  • Data and research analytics: We are actively engaged in developing advanced, innovative data integration and analytical solutions to support the vast amounts of data being generated by our customers. By relying on our data capabilities and insights, we will allow our customers to continue to focus on their core competencies while also participating in the benefits derived from analyzing and utilizing data.

Avantor is ready to overcome complex industry challenges through innovation.


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