Urea ≥99.5%, ultrapure Bioreagent, J.T. Baker®


For protein solubilization and denaturation. DNase-, RNase-, protease-, and cyanate-free.

Specification Test Results
For Laboratory, Research, or Manufacturing Use
Assay (NH₂CONH₂) ≥99.5%
RNase Activity Passes Test
DNase Activity (None Detected) Passes Test
Protease Activity Passes Test
Absorbance of a 5 M Solution - 260 nm ≤0.050
Absorbance of a 5 M Solution - 280 nm ≤0.030
Biuret ≤0.01
Cyanate (CNO) None Detected
Insoluble Matter ≤0.005%
Water (H₂O)(by Karl Fischer Titration) ≤0.5%
Conductivity of 8.5M Solution at 25 °C, (µmho/cm) ≤30
Chloride (Cl) ≤1 ppm
Trace Impurities - Copper (Cu) ≤1 ppm
Trace Impurities - Iron (Fe) ≤1 ppm
Trace Impurities - Lead (Pb) ≤1 ppm