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Certificate of Analysis

Product No 8106
Diethyl Ether, Anhydrous
Lot No2128405859
Release Date11-Oct-2021

Stabilized with 7 ppm BHT
Meets Reagent Specifications for testing Ph. Eur. monographs.

Test Specification Actual value
Aciditypasses test passes test
Aldehydespasses test passes test
Distillation Range34.0-35.0°C passes test
Non-volatile Mattermax. 20 mg/l< 20 mg/l
Peroxidepasses test passes test
Relative Density0.714-0.716 0.714
Substances with a Foreign Odourpasses test passes test
Water (H2O)max. 2 g/l< 2 g/l

Stored at a temperature of 8C to 15C
Stored in an airtight container
Stored protected from light

Use Before Date: 2023-10