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Certificate of Analysis

Product No 6003
Acetic Acid
99-100%, glacial
Lot No2033101869
Release Date01-Dec-2020

Meets Reagent Specifications for testing Ph.Eur. monographs.

Test Specification Actual value
Assay99.6-100.5 %99.9 %
Appearancepasses test passes test
Chlorides (as Cl)max. 25 mg/l< 25 mg/l
Freezing Pointmin. 15.8 C16.4 C
Heavy Metals (as Pb)max. 5 ppm< 5 ppm
Identificationpasses test passes test
Iron (Fe)max. 5 ppm< 5 ppm
Reducing Substancespasses test passes test
Residue on Evaporationmax. 0.005 %< 0.005 %
Sulfates (as SO4)max. 50 mg/l< 50 mg/l
Additional Specification(s):
Substances Reducing Dichromatepasses test passes test
Water (H2O)max. 0.4 %0.15 %

Stored in an airtight container.

Use Before Date: 2022-11