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Certificate of Analysis

Product No 0019
Ammonium Chloride
Lot No2035206810
Release Date18-Dec-2020

Meets Reagent Specifications for testing Ph.Eur. monographs.

Test Specification Actual value
Assay (dry basis)99.5-100.5 %100.0 %
Acidity or Alkalinitypasses test passes test
Appearance of solutionpasses test passes test
Bromides and Iodidespasses test passes test
Calcium (Ca)max. 200 ppm< 10 ppm
Heavy Metals (as Pb)max. 10 ppm< 10 ppm
Identificationpasses test passes test
Iron (Fe)max. 20 ppm< 3 ppm
Loss on Dryingmax. 0.5 %0.1 %
Sulfated Ash max. 0.1 %< 0.1 %
Sulfates (as SO4)max. 150 ppm< 150 ppm
Additional Specification(s):
Limit of thiocyanate (SCN)passes test passes test
pH of 5% Solution at 25°C4.6-6.0 4.9

Use Before Date: 2025-12