Biopharma webinars

Bioprocessing solutions

Adopting novel technologies to improve monoclonal antibody processes

Dr. Nandu Deorkar

Novel approach to purification and viral inactivation of new class of mAbs

Tuhidul Islam

Risk mitigation and process debottlenecking in continuous biomanufacturing

Dr. Pranav Vengsarkar

Increased Viral Clearance in Downstream Process Manufacturing Through Use of Novel Purification Resins and Additives

Dr. Nandu Deorkar

Efficient raw material management for improving bioprocess throughput and flexibility

Dr. Nandu Deorkar

Use of a Novel Cell Lysis Buffer for Protection of AAVs and Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency

Dr. Nandu Deorkar

A Changing Landscape for Biopharma

Dr. Ger Brophy

Accelerating the commercial manufacturing of novel vaccines and other therapeutics

Dr. Nandu Deorkar

Faster, better, together: Biopharma collaboration trends in the pandemic, and the future of medicine

Featuring speakers from Pfizer and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

Understanding monoclonal antibody aggregate behavior impacting chromatographic process efficiency

Courtney O´Dell and Suman McLinden

Improved antibody purification process through use of additives

Jungmin Oh

Novel Purification Technologies and Approaches to Maximize Speed, Efficiency and Process Optimization

Jungmin Oh

Key challenges and potential solutions for eliminating bottlenecks and optimizing biopharma downstream processes

Willie Hesslink

Solutions to manage complexity in global single-use supply chain for vaccines manufacturing

Timothy Korwan

Process debottlenecking in buffer and media prep using enhanced raw material release/delivery strategies

Dr. Pranav Vengsarkar

Downstream Process Intensification with Novel Chromatography Resins for Enhanced Monoclonal Antibody Purification

Jonathan Fura, Jungmin Oh, Joshua Sumoski

Digitalizing biopharma

Claudia Berrón

Understanding the critical roles of cGMP chemicals and single-use technologies in cell & gene therapy manufacturing

Timothy Korwan & Wayne Lynch

Novel Single-use Solutions for Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Timothy Korwan & Jungmin Oh

Innovative direct dispense technology to ensure in-time delivery and release during continuous biomanufacturing

Willie Hesselink

Designing Novel Fluid Sampling Systems for GMP Operations

Timothy Korwan & Tat Yuen

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