Novel Approaches to Traditional High Throughput, 16S and Long Range Sequencing Applications

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Thursday, September 17, 2020
2:00 to 3:00 PM EST

Novel Approaches to Traditional High Throughput, 16S and Long Range Sequencing Applications Miniaturizing and Optimizing DNA Library Preparation to 384 well formats for High- Throughput Sequencing Enzymatic fragmentation in the NGS workflow enables flexibility to choose appropriate library sizes based on the application, enabling the entire workflow to be automated with minimum human involvement.

Accelerating Speed and Performance of 16S Workflows (in PCR inhibited samples) 16S Metagenomic sequencing is widely used to determine phylogenetic classifications of diverse microbial populations.

Better Structural Variant Detection in Long Range Sequencing Recent advancements in long range sequencing technology is helping scientists to sequence highly homologous and repetitive regions of the genome to improve/better detect larger structural variations.

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Presented by:

Subrata Panja

Subrata is a field application specialist for NGS, PCR and qPCR applications at Quantabio.

Subrata has a Ph.D in Biophysics. He has done extensive research in the field of nucleic acids and protein biochemistry.

Before Joining to Quantabio, he was a R&D Scientist at GeneDx, where he developed diagnostic tools to identify rare and common genetic disorders using long range (PacBio Sequencing) and short read (Illumina Sequencing) sequencing, ddPCR and qPCR.

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