Helping fast-track vaccine and therapy development

Scientific research to develop new, life-saving therapies to treat the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and test existing ones is demanding unparalleled agility and collaboration from organizations across the globe. As simultaneous, multifaceted approaches are pursued, Avantor® is there to provide complete solutions and trusted expertise to accelerate laboratory workflows towards a treatment and potential cure.

As a trusted partner to the life sciences industry, Avantor works with many of the organizations currently addressing COVID-19.

We are supplying laboratories with the essential consumables and equipment needed to perform daily work. We are helping manage and streamline lab workflows and processes so labs can operate at a higher throughput … and much more. Our resources and expertise help move life science workflows and critical research forward toward a breakthrough.

The crucial vaccine development workflows we supply include genomics, cell biology and proteomics applications, such as nucleic acid preparation, cloning, transfection, cell cultivation and protein extraction, as well as various techniques for measuring, imaging and analyzing DNA/RNA, cells or proteins. Through VWR, part of Avantor, we offer a complete portfolio of laboratory consumables, high-purity chemicals and analytical chromatography resins and columns. We also offer lab equipment and instrumentation, filtration systems, incubators and analytical instruments.

Our Avantor Services team provides lab and production services to help researchers stay focused on their scientific work. These professional service offerings, which include inventory management, lab supply replenishment, lab equipment maintenance and calibration, plus many other scientific services, help ensure that your work advances by having the right materials at the right place and time when they are most needed.

Vaccine development expertise and resources

Avantor has a complete offering to support key vaccine development workflows, including a wide range of raw materials and ancillary products used in early discovery phases, product development and preclinical processes. Our in-depth understanding of how various chemistries perform in cell culture systems, combined with our trusted portfolios of products, equips us to support the extensive vaccine development projects worldwide.

We support applications within the following workflows:

Genomics: Products for nucleic acid purification and measurement ranging from homogenizers to spectrophotometers, first-in-class PCR/qPCR reagents, consumables and instruments, various tools for DNA/RNA electrophoresis, detection, cloning and delivery.

Cell biology: Our portfolio includes high-quality cell culture dishes, flasks, sera and media to ensure optimal cell growth, effective transfection reagents and sophisticated tools for cellular analysis ranging from automatic cell counters via microscopes to high-end cellular imaging systems or flow cytometers.

Proteomics: Whether performing protein extraction, purification, electrophoresis, blotting or protein detection and analysis, we offer everything from cGMP manufactured IPTG to chromatography columns, microplate readers, antibodies and Western blot detections systems.

Get details on the full array of vaccine and therapy development solutions from Avantor through VWR, part of Avantor.

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