Supporting the critical work in virus detection

Virus detection diagnostic tools have been ramped up and continue to evolve during this coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic – from identifying the virus in people with or without symptoms to researching antibodies from people who have recovered and to discovering a potential vaccine or therapy.

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that laboratories are set up quickly and operating efficiently to be able to process these types of samples. Avantor® provides a total lab setup solution that helps optimize the lab setting and work of global virus detection. Through our total solution, you can count on Avantor to completely equip and supply your lab to accomplish virus detection tasks efficiently, as well as to improve the collection and identification of samples from patients.

The exponential spread of COVID-19 makes the need for rapid, accurate patient testing and analyzing samples, with complete confidence in the lab setup, extremely critical. Our tools and expansive support network help safely collect, trace and transport samples, delivering crucial results faster.

We also offer the basic tools and state-of-the-art analytical equipment necessary to operate labs with peak efficiency and accuracy. These include materials and consumables, such as high-purity specialty chemicals and reagents, as well as an assortment of equipment and instrumentation, such as incubators, virus inactivation systems and analytical systems.

Our total solution for COVID-19 virus detection needs includes:

Sample collection, shipping and storage: Avantor provides the full range of products and services to meet your sample collection, shipping and storage needs. Our diagnostic collection kits can be customized and scaled to meet your research needs. Our COVID-19 shippers meet current CDC and IATA guidelines to ensure samples maintain their integrity and are properly tracked and traced during the transportation process.  Our purpose-built biorepository storage facilities offer safe and secure storage of your research samples.

Nucleic acid extraction and purification: For increasing sample throughput and speeding up the virus detection process, we offer a broad range of effective reagents and instruments for automated nucleic acid extraction, as well as support lab equipment to ease supply chain obstacles that impact researcher’s ability to conduct vital experiments.

RT-qPCR-based virus identification: Avantor’s internal scientists engaged with our supplier and research communities to provide solutions for real-time RT-PCR identification of the COVID-19 virus, including qPCR instruments, consumables and reagents that are recommended by leading healthcare organizations.

Lab process optimization: Through general laboratory management, lab and production support, inventory management or specialty procurement and sourcing services, Avantor can help researchers focus on conducting experiments rather than lab management. Our experts’ work helps save time, solve process bottlenecks and enable scientists to focus on what they are most needed for — science.

Get details on the full array of virus detection solutions from Avantor through VWR, part of Avantor.

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