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Primarily developed to target infectious diseases, new vaccine concepts are now also focusing on immune-oncology applications. In turn, this is leading to the growing use of processing applications employing primary cells or cell lines.

Avantor® supplies a wide range of raw materials, sera and single-use solutions for the early discovery phase through product development, pre-clinical, scale-up and commercial vaccine manufacturing. Our in-depth understanding of how various chemistries perform in cell culture systems are combined with our portfolio of production chemicals, single-use systems, process chromatography media and final fill products to sustain the integrity and activity of the vaccine from upstream production to downstream purification process steps through final fill.

Vaccines workflow solutions

Upstream processing: Optimal production of vaccines is achieved in mammalian expression and insect systems using cell lines that are anchorage-dependent or suspension enabled. Our systems include culture flasks and shaker platforms, roller bottles and roller bottle racks, sterile cell factories and microcarriers to allow culture of cell lines in larger bioreactors. We also offer media components with enriched growth supplements so that you can design your own formulations.

Downstream purification: During downstream steps for vaccine concentration and clarification, it is critical that vaccine purity, potency and consistency be maintained. Our highly stable low-pH, low salt/high salt, equilibration, elution buffers and individual buffer components offer ideal performance. Additionally, Avantor J.T.Baker® brand BAKERBOND™ process chromatography media increases product yield by improving the efficiency of purification processes and enhances selectivity by removing closely related impurities.

Final fill: Progressing from the drug substance to the final injectable drug product, Avantor offers the required final packaging vials and stoppers, as well as our industry-leading excipient product line including stabilizers and preservatives, that meet a number of stringent quality requirements.

Single-use solutions: As an open architecture, single-use manufacturer, Avantor supports every stage of your vaccine development and manufacturing process with custom and standard single-use components, assemblies and systems. Our single-use Avantor OmniTop Sample Tubes® Sampling Manifold Platform can be customized and designed to match your sampling plan to ensure  reliable sampling of your process  while maintaining an aseptic environment. 

Environmental control: Maintaining controlled aseptic conditions during the manufacturing or down packing process is part of managing your risk. We offer products from industry-leading manufacturers and support from our teams of specialists with technical and industry experience who can recommend the best solutions to meet your needs.

Products to help advance vaccine manufacturing

Start optimizing your process performance with our innovative products and solutions for vaccine production:

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Vaccine manufacturing: COVID-19 and beyond

In this interview, Nandu Deorkar, Vice President of R&D, Biopharma Production at Avantor, shares lessons we can learn from the industry’s historic ramp-up from research to manufacturing.

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