Partnering to support the lab of the future

The lab of the future is being shaped by the trends of globalization, systemization and digitization.

You might be asking: “Where does outsourcing fit in with these trends?” or “Can contract research organizations evolve to work with the lab of the future?”

At Avantor, our offerings help to answer these questions.

We offer end-to-end services for our customers in the life science, advance technology and applied materials industries, supporting our customers from discovery to delivery. We act as an extension of our customers’ research and development—enhancing their efforts with our expertise and offerings, solve customer problems through customization and innovation, and offer quality and choice of products.


With so many routine tasks bogging them down, staying focused on the generation and realization of ideas can be a challenge for scientists. Outsourcing allows scientists to offload routine and/or repetitive tasks in order to focus on strategic, creative work. However, the lab of the future demands more than traditional outsourcing: it requires collaborative partnership.

In the lab of the future, resource partners must do more than send staff in with a checklist—they will assume responsibility for service quality, process improvement, and operational efficiency. To work in partnership with our customers, Avantor Services draws on vast experience in scientific environments across a wide range of strictly regulated, highly technological industries. Through our comprehensive services and specialized expertise, we set the stage for scientific discovery.


To be a valued partner to our customers, we must look for solutions that meet all their needs—and if a solution does not exist, we must create one. This is why customization is a hallmark of our business. From the procedures that govern a clinical study, right down to the packaging of a product, we provide custom solutions for every step along the path of scientific discovery.

We see customization as an opportunity to innovate. To solve the problems our customers present to us, we develop innovative technology, systems, and products. Customer-centric innovation also enables us to continually build our knowledge, learning more about the needs of the industries we serve. It’s a virtuous circle that allows us to offer ever-increasing value: custom requests prompt us to innovate, and innovation leads to even more technological advances.


As organizations move beyond traditional functional lines, they can coordinate talent and resources to benefit from the skill sets of employees all over the world. Organizations can also take advantage of the accumulated expertise of partners, which is especially helpful if they lack the internal resources to keep up with evolving trends. By enlisting outside expertise, organizations not only free up their own teams, they also benefit from up-to-date knowledge in areas where the stakes are high.

Regulatory is a notable example. Regulations are constantly changing, and there are significant consequences for failing to comply with them. Avantor has a dedicated team of local regulatory experts. We can provide organizations with the valuable two-sided coin of agility—helping navigate changes in regulations quickly and efficiently—and risk management—ensuring a better likelihood of compliance through knowledge of regulations.


Avantor has a portfolio of our own trusted brands and unmatched product choice to support the work of science. Not everything is virtual, even in the lab of the future, so it’s important for scientists to be able to get exactly what they need, when they need it. We supply the products that are necessary to execute scientific procedures.

But science is not just about using the right products—it’s about inventing the right products. The end goal of research is to solve a problem, and make that solution available to those who need it. Discoveries must become deliverables. This is why Avantor’s reliable global supply chain and logistics network are essential to the success of scientific endeavors, especially on a global scale. 


The lab of the future needs more than just outsourced tasks and checked boxes. The global, interdependent scientific climate will continue to drive collaboration, not just among scientists, but with the contract research organizations that serve them. Through partnership, customization, expertise, and products, Avantor is uniquely positioned as a key partner to the labs of the future.

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