Thought leadership

Addressing Key Challenges Optimizing Downstream Bioprocessing

The term “optimize” is often applied to complex manufacturing, automation and business processes and implies that the most efficient function of all the elements of a process – technologies, sequences and procedures – has not been achieved...

Managing Single Use Supply Chain

With the rapid growth of single-use systems (SUS) for drug production, especially by drug manufacturers with multiple locations across the globe, there are many risks associated with underestimating the regulatory compliance, manufacturing and quality requirements of these systems...

Optimizing Upstream Bioprocessing

Despite significant advances made in recent years to increase biologic yields as well as the intensity and consistency of these processes, there is still the potential for innovation in this area in order to reach more efficient production of therapeutic proteins...

Considerations in Controlling Glycosylation

Continued expansion of the biosimilar marketplace has led to many commercial opportunities and technical challenges...

Collaboration with aviation partner enables decades of innovation

Fluorosilicones are versatile, high-performance silicone materials formulated to resist mechanical failure caused by exposure to hydrocarbons, such as fuels and solvents. In addition, they remain flexible at extremely low temperatures and resist breakdown at very high temperatures.

Applying Lessons Learned from the Semiconductor Industry

Raw materials’ characterization and supply-chain control allow more rigorous control of the manufacturing process.

A Fresh Look Inside Avantor’s Bridgewater Innovation Center

In 2017, the Bridgewater Innovation Center was opened as a technology-driven research and collaboration environment where Avantor experts work closely with customers to solve science’s most difficult challenges.

Partnering to support the lab of the future

The lab of the future is being shaped by the trends of globalization, systemization and digitization.

Regulations: managing the balance of risk and rewards

Companies that work in the life science, advanced technology, and applied materials industries know that regulatory knowledge and support is critical to success.

Challenges in Chromatography

Processing times can be reduced and yields increased by utilizing new hydrophobic interaction chromatography tools.

Building the lab of the future, today

What do we mean, when we talk about the “lab of the future”?

Opportunities and challenges in cell and gene therapy development

Q&A interview with Ger Brophy, Executive Vice President for Biopharma Production at Avantor.

Cutting assembly time from hours to minutes

A medical device OEM needed a fast cure silicone adhesive to boost throughout to maximize efficiencies.

Success Story: Centralized inventory management

Avantor Services provides support so customer can focus on detecting COVID-19 and developing the coronavirus vaccine

Success story: Streamlining allocation of critical supplies

Avantor Services leverages its lab & production inventory management expertise to ensure a customer can continue the development of a potential treatment for COVID-19

Success story: Multi-site inventory management

Avantor’s expertise in inventory management helps support the development of a potential coronavirus therapy

Success story: Direct-to-patient custom kitting solutions

Avantor supports fast-tracking of clinical trials related to COVID-19 disease progression with direct-to-patient custom kitting solution

Success story: Coronavirus detection

Avantor Clinical Services supports the need to fast-track clinical trials related to COVID-19 disease progression

Success story: Small molecule purification

A global pharmaceutical company sought new ways to help senior scientists focus more time and attention on innovation and strategic drug project work.

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