Sustainable Product Innovation

As a leading supplier to life sciences, advanced technologies and applied materials industries, Avantor is trusted to provide sustainable product and service innovations for some of the world’s most demanding applications. 

Innovation and new product introductions (NPI) are key strategic drivers to meet the increasing scientific needs of our customers, as well as accelerating our Company’s growth. We leverage our collaborative customer relationships to understand critical workflows and map product and service requirements.

Each step of the way, we evaluate the strength of our offerings through supplier-driven innovations that identify the best possible product solutions for customers.  These processes enabled Avantor to launch more than 125,000 new products in 2021.

Hydration facility expansions enable biologics speed-to-market

As global demand for biologics steadily increases, our customers seek innovative solutions to streamline cost and increase manufacturing workflow efficiencies of life-changing therapies, including monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and vaccines. Outsourcing the preparation of certain materials used in biopharma production can help drive production efficiencies, ensure critical safety measures, accelerate time-to-market of needed therapeutics and return valuable customer footprint back to research activities.

In 2021, we conducted a major expansion of our Gliwice, Poland facility to provide biomanufacturing customers increased hydration capacity of essential materials such as buffers. We have also begun a multi-stage expansion of hydration capabilities for our Aurora, Ohio facility to be completed in 2022.

These hydration facility expansions and co-innovations with our customers enable life-changing therapeutics manufacturing on a global scale, so patients have access to them sooner.

Environmentally preferable products

Through our Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) program we can provide greater transparency to our customers, helping them make more informed and sustainable purchasing decisions. Currently, we offer over 23,000 different environmentally preferable products for our customers around the globe. By providing product information and additional transparency with our EPP program, our teams can partner with customers to benchmark sustainable purchasing today and begin to identify more sustainable alternatives.

Packaging redesign helps sustainability goals

Biopharma Production teams at our Bridgewater Innovation Center led a ready-to-use packaging redesign initiative, focused on optimizing packaging efficiency and reducing overall shipping footprint while meeting cleanroom compatibility standards for our customers.

The sustainability-focused new product introduction allows 60% to 80% more product included in each shipment, reducing transportation emissions. In addition, this sturdy, self-contained packaging requires no staples or glue for assembly, which historically prevented recycling facilities from accepting the used packaging.

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