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Efficient stockroom and point-of-use inventory management – having the exact product you need, where and when you need it – gives scientists the power to produce results promptly and pivot when needed.

That’s why at Avantor, our proprietary, cloud-based Inventory Manager software was developed to serve as the central transactional and intelligence hub for 360-degree visibility at the enterprise level. Real-time reporting and customized, on-demand replenishment of your lab’s consumables helps make supply stockout and overstock problems of the past. Plus, Inventory Manager is scalable to fit your lab’s evolving needs.

With Inventory Manager, your lab leverages an end-to-end product management ecosystem that streamlines and automates time-consuming tasks so your focus is exactly where it should be: research and results.


Flexible, customizable inventory management solutions designed for your lab’s operations.

Inventory Manager’s cloud-based functionality, accessible from any browser and mobile device, streamlines insights and personalizes the user experience with:

  • Customizable dashboard and widgets
  • Individual notifications and messages
  • Multi-lingual capability, currently supporting 17 languages
  • Available on desktop and mobile app (Android and iOS)
  • Enterprise-level information anytime, anywhere

Simplifying your lab’s inventory management begins with complete visibility into what your lab needs – and what it doesn’t – to minimize waste and manage spend. Inventory Manager’s robust platform easily integrates into your lab’s procurement systems to provide:

  • Metrics at the SKU level, addressing overhead, usage, turns, and stock that’s no-move
  • Lab location or research unit-specific data on consumption, replenishment, product expiration dates, and repeat buys
  • Activity log to track transactions
  • Customized reporting modes – scheduled or ad hoc
  • A total chemical management solution, including end-to-end tracking and container-level visibility of onsite and offsite chemicals, provided by our proprietary Chemical Manager software, Inventory Manager’s partner software

Inventory Manager provides the supply chain customization your research demands; its vendor-agnostic platform supports thousands of manufacturing products globally, including the millions of products available through our channel brand, VWR.

Adding Avantor’s Hardware Solutions, from vending machines to point-of-use storage – where a simple hand scan of inventory syncs automatically with Inventory Manager – completes your lab’s unique ecosystem.

Your customized supply chain also benefits from optimized onsite replenishment with:

  • Vending machines – Track cost control down to user level and eliminate expense of expedited procurement and rush shipping costs
  • Self-checkout kiosks – Real-time inventory and lean cycle counting supported by user-friendly technology
  • Onsite and digital support teams – To help you get started or even provide a customized inventory management solution

Eliminate administrative overhead and get time back for science with Inventory Manager’s automated capabilities including:

  • Invoice reconciliation
  • Purchase order management and reduction
  • Repeat buy management
  • Consumption tracking without staff management of storeroom

Master and point-of-use stockroom optimization enhanced by enterprise-level mobile scanning saves time and eliminates excess product. Control inventory spend with options like:

  • Customized unit of measure
  • Tracking users and cost center departments
  • Picking or requesting articles
  • Orders created fully automatic or manual
  • Receive shipments systematically – not in response to crisis
  • Printing barcodes for articles, users, cost centers, and stockrooms
  • Tracking your orders
  • Cycle count and physical inventory functions
  • Online and offline data collection

The ultimate set up is utilizing an Avantor Services team to manage people, process and product. Take full advantage of Avantor’s extensive lab management experience with onsite assessment and trained personnel who can:

  • Review your current inventory processes across the full ecosystem of your organization, from labs to vendors to storage, and suggest improvements based on industry best practices
  • Deploy our Inventory Manager digital solution, customize it to your needs and make sure you have the most cost-effective, efficient, inventory system possible
  • Work onsite to do the hands-on work of inventory management, freeing up the time and energy of your most valuable resource: your scientists

With Avantor’s Inventory Manager, leverage 360-degree inventory management and visibility across the entire ecosystem of your labs and give time back to science. Contact us or request a free live demonstration today. 

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