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Charting the rise of single-use

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Managing global single-use supply chain risk

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Optimizing single-use manufacturing through associate training

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Biopharmaceutical companies must be more flexible than ever before to meet the growing demand for life-altering biologics. Single-use products and systems from Avantor® can help give biomanufacturers the agility and speed they need to bring new therapies to market more quickly.

Our extensive expertise in single-use technologies means we offer cost-effective solutions, products and systems that help reduce contamination risk and limit changeover times. That keeps your production lines running smoothly. We are the only open-architecture, single-use system provider to offer complete design, manufacturing, and logistics that support every stage of your product development and biomanufacturing process.

Our expertise in fluid handling allows us to provide custom single-use solutions for your bioprocessing manufacturing processes. Our portfolio of single-use components, connections, and assemblies can help you conduct sterile fluid transfers in upstream, downstream, fill, and finish processing steps.

Fluid handling solutions

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A global single-use footprint

Our global network of manufacturing and distribution facilities means Avantor can provide the single-use bioprocessing market with the reliable supply chain and quality products you need. Our manufacturing sites are certified and meet ISO standards to help manage your risk.

Partnering with Avantor drives efficiency and reliability in biomanufacturing through our global supply chain.

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Open architecture single-use system design

When you work with Avantor, you benefit from our technical understanding and expertise in single-use solutions to develop a holistic bioprocessing system. Our system design experience helps ensure your production processes run efficiently and consistently. Avantor’s expertise in single-use system design can help you solve fluid handling challenges across the most complex bioprocessing workflow applications.

Avantor is an open-architecture supplier so you can choose from a wide selection of single-use products from our brands or other vendors. Our global footprint means we can design solutions to meet your needs and can make sure the products you need are available when you need them.

Single-use assemblies—from simple tubing sets to complex mixing and tangential flow filtration systems —can be configured precisely to your specifications. Among the products we supply are:

  • Sampling platforms
  • Bag mixing and storage systems
  • Multi-bag and multi-bottle manifolds
  • Transfer assemblies
  • Filtration assemblies
  • Inline dilution systems

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Global footprint

Avantor’s single-use design, manufacturing and distribution capabilities are available globally to meet the growing demand for biologics.

Innovation in bioprocessing

Our innovative single-use quality solutions support the scientific journey from drug discovery through scale-up and manufacturing. Learn how single-use assemblies in medicine can help your team mitigate risk.

Quality and risk mitigation

From sourcing through delivery, our holistic approach to managing a global single-use supply chain helps mitigate your risk.

Explore our single-use products

Explore our portfolio of single-use products and assemblies.

Avantor single-use solutions

Learn how Avantor’s flexible, innovative single-use solutions can help you meet the challenges of innovative biologics production.

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