Single-use quality and risk mitigation

Manage the quality and risk of your single-use systems with Avantor’s supply chain operations, strict regulatory compliance and transparent reporting.

There are two primary considerations for biopharma manufacturers to keep in mind when choosing a supplier of single-use products and assemblies: quality assurance and risk management through regulatory compliance as well as supply chain excellence and reliability.

Avantor® offers reliable single-use products, systems and assemblies for multiple biopharmaceutical processes including mixing, storage, sampling and fluid transfer. Our decades of experience with sourcing and designing single-use systems for biopharma manufacturing help ensure that you consistently receive solutions that you can trust.

With Avantor as your single-use manufacturing partner, you can be sure that the rigorous quality standards related to component qualification, manufacturing operations, in-process testing and final product release have been met.

Our holistic approach to sourcing and delivering high quality single-use assemblies helps companies implement single-use technologies that reduce contamination risk, improve process efficiency and reduce costs.


Key aspects of Avantor’s quality and regulatory compliance systems help you, and your team, make sure the single-use assemblies and products you rely on to move your research, scale-up and production forward, safely and efficiently.

Our risk reduction resources include:

  • Certified ISO Class 7 assembly rooms
  • Validated equipment and processes
  • Compliant with FDA and EU cGMP requirements
  • Robust and timely complaint handling and CAPA programs
  • Risk-based quality management approach
  • Detailed Certificate of Compliance accompanies all single-use assemblies
  • Backing certifications for assembly components are retained and readily available upon request
  • Animal origin-free or EMA/410/01 compliant materials
  • Sterility validation per ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137 (VDmax25)
  • Sterile barrier shelf life validation per ISO 11607
  • Supply chain statements
  • BPOG standardized extractables testing protocols and results
  • Endotoxin (USP85) and particulate (USP788) lot release testing available

Managing risk in your global single-use supply chain

With the rapid growth of single-use systems for drug production, choosing the right single-use manufacturer can help mitigate risks associated with ensuring regulatory compliance, manufacturing and quality requirements of these systems.


We designed our quality and security programs with a customer-centric approach. Avantor’s team of skilled technicians offers your team flexibility – and solutions that decrease the complexity around quality, regulatory and security requirements. 

Our quality assurance process includes:

  • Through our own internal quality assurance team and change control systems we ensure regulatory compliance.
  • We help you stay in control of changing situations and minimize risks associated with changes to the manufacturing process with our efficient change notification program.
  • We provide complete, consistent, reliable and transparent change notification, proactively.
  • Our Critical Materials Care team directly engages with your team and demonstrates, through service level reports, verification of supplies.
  • Necessary documents, such as Product Validation, Certificates of Conformance, Quality and Analysis are available either digitally or by request.
  • Avantor’s global team of field-based technical experts help you match your project’s requirements with high-quality suppliers of bioprocessing materials.
  • Proactive risk-based audits enable us to understand the capabilities of new suppliers and collaborate effectively to promptly address Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA) if needed.

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Global footprint

Avantor’s single-use design, manufacturing and distribution capabilities are global to meet the growing demand for biologics.

Innovation in bioprocessing

Our innovative single-use solutions support the scientific journey from drug discovery through scale-up and manufacturing.

Partner with Avantor today to move your single-use processes forward with confidence.

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