Single-use innovation in bioprocessing

Move your science forward, faster, and transform lives with new treatments and biologics using our innovative approaches to single-use assemblies and systems.

Innovation in biologics is transforming global health in remarkable ways.

The vision of having the tools to manage and cure previously untreatable diseases is rapidly becoming a reality as novel approaches – like cell and gene therapies – move quickly from research to reality. New improvements in medicine mean that people can live longer, healthier lives.

At Avantor®, innovation is at the heart of our business, extending into how we approach designing single-use systems for use in biologics manufacturing. Our experience and commitment to working with our customers to innovate biologics research, scale-up, and manufacturing processes, helps ensure that life altering therapies can reach their full potential. We help your most innovative therapies reach those who need them the most.

Our skilled associates step up every day to meet the increasing demand for single-use products, with innovative single-use solutions that support the full scientific journey from discovery to delivery. We keep the biopharma industry’s biggest challenges – such as increasing product yield and scaling workflows to meet speed to market – at the forefront as we tackle complex processes and create optimal solutions that help improve health and well-being around the globe.

Whether your team focuses on the production of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), cell and gene therapies, or vaccines, choose Avantor for the ingenuity and expertise necessary to create a single-use solution that meets the precise needs of your biopharma workflow.

Single-use technology in cell and gene therapies

Adopting innovative single-use solutions for in-process sampling can be a tremendously effective way to advance the process of commercializing cell and gene therapies. Single-use assemblies offer flexibility and production efficiencies in order to help bring these life-altering treatments to market more quickly.

For every pain point in the biopharmaceutical scale-up and production process, we have a solution.

We start by asking: what do you want to achieve?

Whether it’s increasing your product yields and improving process efficiency, or globalizing manufacturing practices while ensuring repeatable and scalable production, we work with you to innovate a single-use assembly solution that meets your goals.

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Global footprint

Avantor’s single-use design, manufacturing and distribution capabilities are available globally to meet the growing demand for biologics.

Quality and risk mitigation

From sourcing through delivery, our holistic approach to managing a global single-use supply chain helps mitigate your risk.

Innovation spotlight: An aseptic sampling solution for cell & gene therapy applications

Cell and gene manufacturing requires small batch sampling to preserve the quality and availability of the end therapy for the patient. Sampling must also be performed in a way that facilitates both repeatable outcomes and compliance with regulatory standards. The best way to ensure this is through a sampling process preformed using an aseptic (closed) system. Many sampling procedures today are open and, therefore, subject the entire process to contamination.

A closed system solution utilizing single-use technologies like the Avantor OmniTop Sample Tubes™ adjustable volume sampling system (AVSS) provides an aseptic solution to what is otherwise an open sampling process. This minimizes contamination risk to critical cell and gene therapies. In addition to minimizing risk, the OmniTop Sample Tubes™ AVSS can also help optimize biopharma production processes by reducing sample size errors (over-sampling) and volume loss.

Adopting innovative single-use solutions for in-process sampling ensures more efficient, reliable cell and gene therapy production. The end result? Faster delivery of more dependable treatments to patients.

Experience, combined with our open-architecture approach, enables us to innovate a single-use solution tailored to your application.

Effective use of single-use assemblies in biologics manufacturing requires extensive product knowledge and broad applications experience. 

Our teams have both. In biopharma manufacturing operations around the globe we’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, and what’s possible with the right design and single-use technology in place.

In order to discern what barriers prevent your team from having an optimal production process, we review and discuss your current workflow until we’ve narrowed down the options and possibilities to those that will work for your application. Then, we design for that application, with an open-architecture approach to choosing single-use components that will be the most optimal, reliable and flexible.

Because effective use of vetted, quality single-use products and assemblies creates processes that allow innovation to succeed, we rely on a global sourcing network for single-use components – strategically developed by experts that understand the needs of the industry. Through our own internal quality assurance team and change control systems we ensure regulatory compliance.

Designing a flexible single-use system that meets your biopharma production needs includes the ability for the system to be duplicated with single-use technologies that can be deployed seamlessly across the entire process. This builds agility into the workflow, inherently, so that it’s simpler to scale up or scale out.

Innovative single-use solutions continue to provide productive strategies to optimize and effectively scale up processes while reducing risks and costs. This returns valuable time and resources back to your scientists so that they, too, can continue to innovate.

Partner with Avantor to drive single-use innovation in your manufacturing processes.

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