Single-use global footprint

Global single-use manufacturing optimizes your biopharma production, globally.

Global biopharmaceutical manufacturing that relies on single-use systems demands reliable access to products and assemblies to ensure efficient, on-time manufacturing. With single-use facilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Avantor® offers global availability of these vital supplies and assemblies. Partnering with Avantor adds efficiency and reliability to your single-use process needs by leveraging our global supply chain – so therapies can reach the market, and the patients who need treatments, faster.

From mAbs to cell and gene therapy applications, and from upstream to downstream processing and final-fill, Avantor’s single-use solutions help optimize all stages of biopharma manufacturing workflows. Our industry experience gives us the knowledge needed to ensure that our single-use components and assemblies comply with your internal process standards as well as external regulations – locally, regionally and globally.

Predictable and dependable delivery of innovative single-use products and assemblies, paired with our design expertise, enables your team to deploy new systems and solutions that meet the needs of your specific application.


Avantor’s single-use solutions solve fluid handling challenges across many common bioprocessing applications. The portfolio of products available, globally, all meet strict quality and regulatory requirements.

As an open-architecture manufacturer, Avantor lets you choose from a selection of our own single-use products and also access products from best-in-class manufacturers available from our channel brand, VWR. Our global footprint allows us to design a solution that meets the exact needs of your process and ensures that the materials and products are available – with little disruption to supply chain.

Because our single-use capabilities are global, we can pivot to meet your needs no matter where in the world your company’s production sites are located. Our skilled team typically qualifies multiple sources of key components, mitigating the risk to your production schedule. We optimize our manufacturing and production sites, establishing equivalent capabilities and certifications in order to ensure efficient delivery of your single-use system whenever possible.

Our global single-use capabilities include:

Single-use systems are not one-size fits all. We recommend, and work with you to develop, the most ideal single-use system design for your application, including support with prototype and process development.

Our global single-use manufacturing and assembly sites are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified and conform to cGMP best practices to help ensure safety, reliability and quality of the products we produce.

Our Quality Risk Management (QRM) program is a proactive approach to assess, control for, review and communicate about, and correct any potential risk to the quality of our single-use assemblies and systems. Our program is applied systemically, from the risk-based audits to understand the capabilities of new suppliers to our internal procedures to assess and mitigate risks in our own processes and facilities.

Our Comprehensive Supplier Management Program vets and qualifies first and second sources of key components to ensure a reliable supply chain, globally.


Whether your team’s needs are simple or complex, we are ready to partner with you to find the best solution – that adheres to unwavering standards of quality – for your biopharma production challenges.

As your single-use manufacturing partner, we ensure that rigorous quality standards related to component qualification, manufacturing operations, in-process testing and final product release have been met. Avantor maintains a global quality management system certified to ISO 9001 and a regulatory product compliance program tailored to the needs of the single-use industry.

With our customer-centric approach, we engage directly with your team to demonstrate, through service level reports, verification of supplies. Through our own internal quality assurance team and change control systems we ensure regulatory compliance. Plus, we provide complete, consistent access to change notifications.

We meet you and your team where you are, both in your bioproduction process and geographically, to provide the quality single-use options that best meet your goals.


With field-based support available globally, we work with your team to create the single-use solutions that meet the goals, and achieve the outcomes, you have set for your application. Our design and engineering teams work with your team to create the right design for your single-use system, locally, and then leverage our global manufacturing network to meet your needs efficiently and effectively.

From single-use prototype development to system design, production and delivery, our industry-seasoned experts understand the challenges that are faced in the development of biologics – including upstream, downstream and final-fill processes. Partnering with Avantor gives you the expertise and support you need to move your production forward, safely and efficiently.

Avantor's global single-use network

Overview of Avantor’s single-use manufacturing footprint

Our single-use products are manufactured and assembled in the USA, the European Union and Asia.

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • ISO Class 7 cleanroom manufacturing
  • cGMP Standards
  • Single-use assembly and hose production
  • World-class logistics hub for North America
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • ISO Class 7 cleanroom manufacturing
  • cGMP Standards
  • Single-use assemblies production
  • Center of Excellence for process systems
  • Prototype development
  • Manufacturing for a range of bioprocessing bags
  • ISO Class 7 cleanroom manufacturing
  • Single-use assemblies production

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Quality and risk mitigation

From sourcing through delivery, our holistic approach to managing a global single-use supply chain helps mitigate your risk.

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